Pokémon GO: Page 3 of Masterwork Research with Jirachi is now known

Pokémon GO: Las Vegas shows how fierce the new Jirachi research is

The Fulfilled Wish Masterwork Research has been running in Pokémon GO since the Hoenn Tour. Now the next page has been unlocked by the first trainers. We show you what the new tasks and rewards are.

What is this research? Since the Hoenn tour in Las Vegas, which ran in Pokémon GO in February 2023, there has been a special research called “Wish Fulfilled”. The great reward of this research is an encounter with a dazzling Jirachi.

But even the first tasks were so tricky that players had to work on them for a long time. Now, after almost two weeks, the next tasks have been revealed. And they aren’t much easier. Here in the overview we show you what you should do.

Fulfilled Wish 3/6: Tasks and Rewards

Task Reward
Catch 5 Kecleon 1 smoke
Spin a PokéStop 14 days in a row 1 smoke

Tier Reward: If you have solved the two tasks and picked up the corresponding rewards, you will receive an additional 3,850 experience points and 3 special candies.

Spinning a PokéStop for 14 days in a row shouldn’t pose a problem for most trainers. It is best to use a stop that you pass by every day and set a reminder in your calendar to shoot there every day.

With our guide to catching Kecleon, you’ll know where to “search” for the Pokémon and how to complete the task.

How do you like the new special research tasks with Shiny Jirachi? Do you think it’s good that the content is stretched out over a longer period of time and that you sit at it “longer” or would you rather finish the research quickly and then not deal with it anymore? Let us know what you think about it here on MeinMMO in the comments.

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