Pokémon Go: Resladero in the game – but only in Mexico

Pokémon Go: Art of Catching Event - Swing Your Fists - and Poké Balls!  (1)

from Susan Brown
The Art of Catching event, which focuses primarily on fighting Pokémon, will soon start in Pokémon Go. Above all, increased shiny chances for Kicklee, Nockchan and Kapoera lure the trainers out. In Mexico, by the way, also a brand new Pokémon, the wrestling star Resladero. And only in Mexico, because Resladero is a regional. A pity!

The variety of pocket monsters in Pokémon Go has become a little more diverse and most trainers will have missed it completely. Unless they are in Mexico! Not only that, over the Heroes Ascending season through June 1, 2023, Pokémon Go players will have a Get limited researchthrough which they earn bonuses, no, they can also catch a new Pokémon: Resladero!

Most fans of the Pokémon series will probably think of Ash’s Resladero, which has a strong protective instinct and teaches eF-eM to fly. In general, resladero live primarily on wide, open plains. Resladero is believed to have got its name from Lucha Libre, a Mexican form of wrestling. This becomes clearer when you look at the English name of Resladero: Hawlucha, a mix of Hawk for falcon and Lucha Libre. Of course, this connection can also be guessed at if you look at the Pokémon.