PS5 outsells Xbox Series X and S by almost twice as many consoles

PS5 owners consider their main console over Xbox Series X owners according to survey, GamersRD

According to reports, the PS5 is outpacing console sales Xbox Series X and S from Microsoft by almost double. Since 2002, the year the first Xbox was released, Sony and Microsoft have been in direct competition with each other when it comes to hardware sales. And while both Xbox and PlayStation have had an advantage at different times during this “rivalry”, it seems that Sony is still currently ahead of Microsoft by a considerable margin.

According to new data from analyst Ampere AnalysisAccording to Piers Harding-Rolls, Sony’s PS5 has currently surpassed 30 million units sold worldwide, while the Xbox Series X/S now sits at 18.5 million. This is a gap of more than 10 million and puts the PS5 just a couple million units away from fully doubling the sales of Microsoft’s current-gen Xbox tandem.

What will be interesting to follow going forward is whether or not PlayStation can extend its current lead over Xbox. In early 2023, Sony announced that it was essentially out of stock and manufacturing issues for the PS5, meaning sales of the console are poised to explode further in the coming months. On the other hand, Xbox is poised to have some strong first-party releases in the coming months with games like redfall and Starfieldwhich in turn could lead to a higher rate of console sales.

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