RPG has 93% positive reviews on Steam, offers 100 hours of content – Free if you have Skyrim

RPG has 93% positive reviews on Steam, offers 100 hours of content - Free if you have Skyrim

Some fans were so excited about the hit RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that they made their own game out of it. Enderal started out as a mod Steam and is now independent – and free for all owners of Skyrim.

What kind of game is this? Enderal: Forgotten Stories is a so-called “Total Conversion Mod” for Skyrim. That means: only the basic structure and the engine have remained the same. Everything else is the modder’s own creation. The mod was released on Steam in 2019 and comes from the SureAI studio.

Skyrim, like almost all Bethesda games on Steam, is known for its enormous range of mods that can change almost every aspect. The makers of Enderal used this to their advantage and created their own game. The features of the game include:

  • complete German and English dubbing with professional speakers
  • an own story and lore as well as an own world with different areas
  • fleshed out characters
  • own classes with a new skill system and special abilities
  • Survival elements, furniture and housing

Enderal is said to offer between 35 and 125 hours of play time, but it is purely a single player. You can see the story trailer here:

Enderal: Forgotten Stories – The Cinematic Story Trailer

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How do I get Enderal? Since this is a mod, you don’t have to pay anything for Enderal. However, you must own the base version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Enderal comes in 2 versions, Standard and Special Edition, for each of which you need the corresponding version of Skyrim:

“95% Skyrim, 100% new content”

This is how Enderal arrives: Enderal is doing extremely well on Steam. The two versions have accumulated reviews of 93% and 94% respectively over the entire time with a total of over 15,000 reviews.

The players shower it with praise. For example, even if you don’t own Skyrim and buy it but never touch it, it’s only worth it for Enderal. The user salomeya writes:

“This is not a game. This is an experience. I honestly didn’t expect that. A Skyrim mod? No, this is an absolutely standalone gem that has nothing in common with Skyrim, except maybe a few textures. Enderal is definitely better than Skyrim and Oblivion. […]

The story itself is complex, keeping players engaged. The main story is unique. Through all the hope and despair, love and terror, you keep going until you find out what you really saw in the beginning and what is behind the cycle. The side quests, although there aren’t many of them, […] are well written and designed. […]

The game pulls you into the Enderal reality in the same way that the protagonist was forcibly pulled into it.”

Most of the sporadic criticism leveled at the game relates to the difficulty level. Enderal is pretty hard, maybe even impossible for casuals. Whoever plays it must accept a great challenge.

Have you played Enderal yet? What’s your opinion on the game?

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