Shock for the fans: This Star Trek series is canceled

Star Trek is "cursed": Fourth film far from certain (1)

As a fan of whirring lightsabers, (but not so) monstrous Death Stars and baby versions of legendary heroes, you cannot complain about a lack of content supply at the moment. Since the Disney the brand “Star Wars” under his wing, one series after the other appears on the in-house streaming platform Disney Plus. It’s a completely different story if you’re more into phasers, warp drives, and Klingons. In this case you have to at the moment very strong be.

Star Trek’s warp drive stutters

Things aren’t going well with the Star Trek franchise. Chris Pine, the main actor in the cinema films, recently commented on a possible fourth part of the popular series. His statements as to whether he will ever return Captain James Tiberius Kirk will be seen on the big screen all sounded very frustrated and sobering.

Additionally, Star Trek: Picard concluded on February 17, 2023 with the release of the acclaimed third season on Paramount Plus. The seventh Real series in the Star Trek universe reunited the old crew from The Next Generation on the domestic screens. That’s not all, Paramount Plus has now announced that the next series will be over.

This Star Trek series is being discontinued

It’s time to say goodbye. After the conclusion of the fifth season Star Trek: Discovery set. This was announced by those responsible at Paramount Plus. The popular series, starring Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead), made a difference 2017 for a revival of the franchise.

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