(So ​​far) the best game of the year for the release already cheaper!

The Nintendo Switch OLED.

Happy Release Day! This Friday, the (so far) best game of the year has finally appeared in stores in a very classic way. Nintendo fans are pleased to release a fantastic masterpiece for the switch, have only been fobbed off with a digital version to date. But now the timeless Nintendo classic is finally available in a whole classic commercial version released on cartridge, which you can already buy everywhere. Unusual, especially for a Nintendo game: you can already get the switch game at a reduced price and have to go to all the usual retailers not full price pay.

Nintendo masterpiece reduced for release

Actually, Metroid Prime Remastered costs (buy now €39.99 ) namely around 40 euros, this is the price Nintendo also charges when buying the digital version in the Switch eShop. But the more than 20-year-old Gamecube classic comes to you in the Commercial version already cheaper at release.

All the more astonishing, because you even get “more” with the commercial version, since you can put the game on the shelf can. And that’s not all: The cartridge version of Metroid Prime Remastered has an extremely chic reversible cover with the popular Japanese artwork and saves you the sight of the not very pretty age rating logo on top of that.

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Unusual for a Nintendo game

You will get it right away with today’s release of the commercial version Metroid Prime Remastered for a few euros below the normal price. This is what Amazon requires currently 37.99 euros for the Nintendo classic, so you save 5 percent on the day of publication.

This is all the more astonishing because Nintendo is often referred to as the “Apple of the gaming world” in terms of prices – and rightly so. Then: Nintendo games are amazingly price stable and even many years after release, they usually still cost the full price or are only slightly lower.

Nintendo’s best game of the year (so far).

But completely different with the (so far) best game of the year Metroid Prime Remastered. You can come to this conclusion by looking at Metacritic, probably the most popular platform for ratings and reviews. There the Nintendo blockbuster in the new edition currently occupies the coveted first place on the leaderboard with the best games released in the current year.