Sons of the Forest: Do trees grow back?

Sons of the Forest: Will trees grow back?  (answer, solution, guide)

Pretty much the most important resource in the survival horror game Sons of the Forest should Wood be that you can easily get by chopping down trees. But then at some point the whole forest is cut down and you have to move halfway across the island to find supplies, right? trees grow back? The answer is in our guide.

Sons of the Forest: Do trees grow back?

A protective wall, a roof over your head and a place to sleep. Much more than a good load of wood you don’t need it at all to fulfill these simple wishes yourself. Go into the forest, cut down the trees and you can create all sorts of useful items in “Sons of the Forest”.

With your faithful AI Companion Kelvin do you even have a real one? Super Lumberjack at your side, who can cut down forests in no time. As a result, the area looks bare pretty quickly and the question arises for some players: Do trees ever grow back in the game? or do I have to look for wood somewhere else now?

In this case, however, we can reassure you, because yes, Trees grow back in the survival hit, but in contrast to the predecessor you have to be patient in “Sons of the Forest”. while her in The Forest every time you went to bed you had a 10 percent chance that felled trees would grow back is the waiting time in the sequel significantly higher.

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Here it can several ingame days take time for saplings to grow around the other trees and many players have already reported that it up to 30 in-game days it may take time for the tree to fully regrow. So if you have a large consumption of wood, you should have trained stamina.

When the little plant has finally grown into a new tree, the old tree trunk disappears by itself, which is why the environment eventually looks pretty much the same as it did before you visited with the axe. If in doubt, you can simply let Kelvin loose on the trees, and you’ll soon have free space again.

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Sons of the Forest: Can I make trees grow faster?

A legitimate question, after all it was still possible in the original via console the command REGROWTHMODE to enter, which accelerated the growth of the trees considerably. However, this is not possible for the release of “Sons of the Forest” because entering commands via the console is not supported.

If you really don’t want to wait that long, there is another method. You need a mod for that in-game cheats become possible. In our guide Cheats in Sons of the Forest: How to become invincible we will tell you where you can get this modification and what else you can do with it.

And if the island with all its wood gets too much for you and you long for an end, take a look here: How can I complete Sons of the Forest? This is how you can reach the end. There we explain exactly where you can find the final bunker in the game and what items you need for the finale.

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On the other hand, if the enemies are still too difficult for you and you don’t feel ready to face the finale, you can use the guide Find All Weapons: Sons of the Forest – These are the locations retrofit. Whether stun gun, pistol, shotgun or even guitar, in this guide you will find the locations of all weapons in the game.

Or maybe you’re just lonely because you’ve been dying for so long Watch trees grow and Kelvin has proven to be a miserable conversationalist? Search with our guide Virginia in Sons of the Forest: How to find the companion and hire her as an ally after the mutant Virginia and looks into the forest together with her.