Sons of the Forest: Find Golden Armor and Katana – Here you grab two of the most powerful items

sons of the forest map maintenance key

In Sons of the Forest you can find golden armor and a katana to facilitate your journey around the island. We’ll show you how and where to get them.

Where are the items? To find the golden armor and katana, you need to visit the bunker, which is located southeast of the island. To reach the bunker, you first have to pass through a cave entrance.

However, the bunker is locked and requires a maintenance key card to open. Note that this bunker is one of the heavier calibers and you should bring a decent weapon and armor. So after fighting your way through mutants, go down the stairs to the 2nd floor.

Now search all the offices that are on the right side. In one, the katana is on a holder near the sofa.

The gold armor is in another office on the same floor, but this time on the sofa towards the wardrobe.

If you got hold of both items, don’t forget to collect the golden mask. It is very useful for intimidating cannibals.

Where is the service key card? To get the key card, you have to visit another bunker that can only be discovered with a shovel. To get the shovel we have a separate guide: Sons of the Forest: Find Shovel – How to get the important progression item

Here we mark the location of the key card bunker:

The Cave with the Maintenance Key Map – Map Source:

Once you’ve dug in the right places and gained access, all you have to do is investigate the underground base. The key card will be in a living area on a desk.

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What can the items do? The katana is one of the strongest melee weapons in the game. It’s deadly fast and has a nostalgic touch. The golden armor, however, is not armor in itself, but a piece of clothing that removes any armor you have equipped. It reduces damage taken from demons and cannot be broken. That means you can take more hits in total before you bite the dust.

That was all the important information regarding the golden armor and the katana. Did you find the items and if so, do you also play them or do you only have them in your collection? Let us know in the comments!

Sons of the Forest: Map with the most important locations