Sons of the Forest: How to Get and Use a Turtle Shell By

Sons of the Forest: Turtle Shell Use and Location Walkthrough Guide

In the survival horror game Sons of the Forest there are some items whose use is not entirely clear and confuses players worldwide. One of them is the turtle shellwhich has a very special position in the predecessor The Forest has taken. But what can the part do in the successor and where can I find such a tank at all?

Sons of the Forest: How to Find Turtle Shells

As simple as it sounds, it is, because you get turtle shells in “Sons of the Forest” for killing turtles. But there’s a catch, not all armored reptiles will leave this item for you. For example, if you kill the normal turtles you encounter at lakes and inland, they will give you no tank.

In fact, you can only get this item from sea ​​turtleswho stay exclusively on the coasts. So do you want to fill up your supply of turtle shells or the island the world’s largest turtle shell collection show, you have to stay by the sea and be merciless to the little animals.

Grab one of the many weapons in Sons of the Forest, equip it and kill a sea turtle with it. However, don’t expect to get a tank for it every time, because the item has no 100% drop chance. So a little patience is necessary when collecting. But is it even worth it?

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Sons of the Forest: How to Use Turtle Shells

In “The Forest” this question answered itself pretty early on, because the predecessor allowed you to use the item, to make a water collector. But the successor relies on the consistently more useful one in this area drinking bottlefor which turtles didn’t have to die first so that you can have a drink.

In Sons of the Forest the turtle shell has at least since the release no specific use in Early Access. It is quite possible that this will change in a later update, although some players assume that the collectible item will only be a Easter egg acts.

Which would be a real pity, because in the original you could not only drink liquids with the tank, it was also used for this to slide down slopes. A function that is already in the second part Sleds fulfilled, which you in 3D printer can tinker. What else could you do with such a tank? Maybe we’ll find out.

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