Sons of the Forrest: How to get the secret ending

Virginia plays an important role in the third alternate ending of Sons of the Forest.

Virginia plays an important role in the third alternate ending of Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest currently offers three different ways to end the story. Two of them are relatively easy to reach: you have to decide between the two variants at the end. But there is a third ending that many may not even know about. That’s because it’s easier to miss and you have to do some work before the end. You can read what exactly here.


Sons of the Forest offers a third, more hidden ending based around Virginia

That’s what it’s about: About Sons of the Forest, currently probably the most hyped horror and survival title ever. The Early Access start is just behind us and some players are already reaching the end. They are given a choice and can usually choose between these two variants.

  • Fly away with the heli: You escape from the island along with Kelvin, if he’s still alive. That’s what the “Fought Demons” achievement is for.
  • Stay on the island: Grab the backpack again and let the heli fly away without you. There is then the achievement “Fighting Demons”.

But there is also a 3rd ending: If you’ve befriended Virginia enough, the three-armed and three-legged mutant can accompany you as well. You then fly away with her in the heli and the cutscene even hints at some kind of romance between you. The corresponding achievement is called “Chivalry Is Not Dead”.

This is what you have to do for it: Of course, in order to experience the ending with Virginia, you have to have met the person first. But she also has to trust you – and of course still be alive.

  • Meet Virginia and befriend her.
  • Find Virginia’s dress and give it to her, you’ll find it in one bunker.
  • Build her a shelter, for example a simple hut with a place to sleep.
  • Give her a GPS tracker. You can find it at “Team B” (there’s an interactive map here).
  • Equip Virginia with a weapon: pistol or shotgun are possible.
  • If Virginia is kidnapped by cannibals, you have to save her from the villains.
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where you Meet Virginia herself can and how you find her dressyou can find out in this GamePro article:

Should Virginia for some inexplicable reason completely surprising by your actions to have died, you must not despair. If you’re not afraid to tinker with your save files, here’s a guide on how to revive Virginia.

Once you’ve gained Virginia’s complete trust, all you have to do is make sure she’s near you at the very end of the story. Make sure she’s there when you enter the final cave and don’t opt ​​for the backpack at the end, but choose the helicopter – tadaaa! You fly back to civilization with Kelvin, Virginia and the billionaire.

What do you think of the three possible endings of Sons of the Forest? Do you think there will be more?