SSD, RX 6700 XT, RAM, iPhone 14: Now the prices at Amazon are falling

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Go on a shopping tour conveniently with a tablet or laptop and save money at the same time without having to compare prices. If you nod inwardly at this idea, then you’ve come to the right place – at least if you’re looking for technology products. We looked around Amazon’s range of offers, compared the prices at Geizhals and put together a selection of top offers that had never been cheaper before, or at least not for a long time. These include the fast SSD WD Black SN850X. The PCIe 4.0 SSD in M.2 format is not only suitable for the PC, but also for expanding the PS5 storage space and can be bought from Amazon at a new low price. 64 GB RAM (2x 32 GB) from Kingston Fury Beast and the iPhone 14 Plus are now cheaper than ever to buy after price falls. Our selection of top technology at bargain prices also includes the RX 6700 XT graphics card, a cordless screwdriver set from Makita, an 18V battery from Bosch or the gaming mouse Logitech G502 Hero – and much more. Availability and prices can of course change, so don’t take too long to make a decision.

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Prices are falling at Amazon: SSD, RX 6700 XT, RAM & iPhone 14

With a maximum read speed of 7,300 MB/s and write speed of 6,600 MB/s, the SSD WD Black SN850X is currently one of the fastest SSDs on the market. The price of the PCIe 4.0 SSD, which also fits in the PS5’s expansion bay, has now fallen to a new low. The WD Black SN850X 1 TB can be bought for only 92.99 euros. Gamers or power users who want to equip their PC with 64 GB of RAM will also benefit from a drop in price. The Kingston Fury Beast 64 GB (2x 32 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 memory kit is available from Amazon for only 128.99 euros. A few days ago you had to pay over 20 euros more for it. One of the top deals at Amazon is currently the offer for the AMD graphics card MSI Radeon RX 6700 XT Mech 2x 12 GB. Here, too, the price fell noticeably in February, to 419.37 euros, which you only have to pay for the graphics card. We don’t want to miss out on the hammer discount for the iPhone 14 with a 6.1-inch display either. Compared to the Apple shop, you already save around 200 euros if you decide on the iPhone 14 Plus with a generous 512 GB of memory. All our savings recommendations are available from stock, but the availability of popular products can change quickly.

Buy SSD at the lowest price

New PS5 Bundle: Playstation 5 Disc Edition + Forspoken 569 euros at

64 GB RAM cheaper than ever

Graphics card Radeon RX 6700 XT recently in price slide

iPhone 14 Plus 512 GB around 200 euros cheaper than Apple

Amazon competition: 50 Playstation 5 packages to win

Amazon with more savings deals: RTX 3060, Makita cordless screwdriver and more

In addition to the top offers SSD, RX 6700 XT, RAM and iPhone 14, the prices of many other technology products on Amazon have also tumbled. This includes the RTX 3060 graphics card, the price of which has recently fallen sharply, or a top cordless screwdriver from Makita, which is available in a set with two batteries and a charger at an ingenious budget price. It is worth browsing through our compilation of discount deals on Amazon.

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RTX 3060 graphics card has recently fallen significantly in price

Top cordless screwdriver from Makita in a set with 2 batteries and charger at a great discount

18V battery from Bosch Professional more than 40 euros cheaper

Gaming mouse from Logitech and other PC peripherals at bargain prices

Mouse: SteelSeries Prime Wireless (magnetic-optical, 100h battery) €79.99 (-43%)

Keyboard: Logitech G910 Orion 117.33€ (-41%)

Headphones: Logitech G432 7.1 gaming headset €54.99 (-39%)

Headphones: Epos Sennheiser GSP 670 €129.99 (-29%, lowest price)

PS5 console & top games cheaper

Also cheaper: Oivo PS5 controller charging station 25.49€ (-20%)

Also cheaper: Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) €49.99 (-38%)

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Amazon hits: The 10 best-selling technology items in the last 7 days (source: internal sales statistics)

Which offers on Amazon are currently the most popular? We have looked at our sales statistics and are presenting the top 10 best-selling technology items over the past 7 days.

  1. Makita cordless drill set 173.48€ (-39%)
  2. Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe charging case 259€ (-13%)
  3. Apple AirPods with wired charging case 125€ (-21%)
  4. Arctic P12 PC case fan €5.49 (-42%)
  5. Charging station for PSVR 2 €29.99
  6. Razer Basilisk V3 gaming mouse €61.99 (-27%)
  7. Samsung 980 Pro SSD 2TB (PS5 comp.) 189.99€ (-5%)
  8. Ecovacs Deebot N8+ vacuum robot 399€ (-17%)
  9. SteelSeries Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard 188.99€ (-18%)
  10. Songmic’s height-adjustable desk €209.99

Amazon bestsellers at a glance

What distinguishes the SSD WD Black SN850X?

The WD Black SN850X is an improved version of the NVMe SSD WD Black SN850. It offers a higher speed of up to 7,300 MB/s reading and up to 6,300 MB/s writing. The PCIe 4.0 SSD is equipped with an integrated cooling system and uses 3D NAND flash memory from SanDisk. In addition, the SN850X has a high endurance of up to 600 TBW and is compatible with various operating systems, applications and the PS5. The WD Black SN850X 1 TB can now be bought at Amazon at a new low price and, alongside the RX 6700 XT, RAM and iPhone 14, is one of our top selection of technology products at bargain prices.