Steel Division 2: Men of Steel Announced | SD League 10 Launches – News

Steel Division 2: Men of Steel Announced |  SD League 10 Launches - News

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Recently is with Blood Feud in Transylvania a major expansion, including new campaign, for the Steel Division 2 published by Eugen Systems. With Men of Steel the next major expansion has now been announced, because four years after the release, real-time tactics in World War II are enjoying even greater popularity.

Men of Steel offers:

  • eight new divisions from seven countries, including a new small nation
  • Entities from a total of 12 countries
  • new aces
  • new properties for units, which are also given to some existing units

The scope is based on the previous “Tribute” extensions, so Tribute to the Liberation of Italy (in check) and Tribute to D Day. However, Men of Steel does not focus on a specific theater of war, but on interesting combat groups that are particularly characterized by their unique infantry and armored weapons, and can therefore benefit from the new properties. With the 715th Infantry Division and the 1st Airbourne Taskforce have already been two of the new combat groups presented.

The so-called “Unit Traits” already existed in Steel Division 2, but the system was developed for WARNO massively built. Now you also benefit from it as a general in WWII. The new properties are:

  • Shock: More suppression at very short range (city, forest). Special units like Ranger, Brandenburger or OSNAZ and stormtroopers like the Sturmpioniere or Avtomatchiki get this characteristic.
  • Tank Rider: Units with this trait gain a “Shield Against Suppression” when fighting near a vehicle with this trait (similar to the IFV trait in WARNO). So you can, very realistically, let units like tankodesantniki or escort grenadiers advance with vehicles.
  • Security: This property is given to security troops in the hinterland to fight partisans. There is a bonus to optics, like recon units, but only if the unit is not moving. Only infantry units, such as Securing and Schupo, get this trait.
  • Sniper: This trait gives one- and two-man sniper teams a stealth bonus when not moving.
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If you are interested in the competitive scene, you can look forward to the one starting on Saturday tenth season of the SD2 League, organized by the Simulated Divisions League. In addition to exciting 1v1 action at every skill level, there are also events such as the Generals Loung and the 2nd edition of the game show SD-Millionär.