Synchro Star Marios Gavrilis on Special Feature of New Anime Hit – Exclusive

Synchro Star Marios Gavrilis on Special Feature of New Anime Hit - Exclusive

Recently celebrated the anime film My rebirth as a slime in another world: FireRed Gang its German cinema premiere. We were right in the middle of the fan hustle and bustle for you in Berlin and had the opportunity there with some voice actors of the fantasy hit, who definitely didn’t want to miss the event.

On site were among others Peggy Pollowthe protagonist Rimuru speaks, Marios Gavriliswhich newcomer Hiiro lends his voice, and Vellum Marcone, who is responsible for the dialogue book and direction. For example, they told us what they love about the series and which anime world they would like to be reborn in.

Dark, funny and real: that’s what makes the anime hit special

First, however, we wanted to know from our interlocutors what, in their eyes, made the Isekai series different from other genre representatives, e.g Sword Art Onlinestands out and makes special. Julia Bautzwhich Violet sets to music, replied directly, “because the characters are all so different […] and Rimuru is quite funny and interesting and cute so I love the anime!”

Velin Marcone then added that he loves that “My rebirth as a slime in another world” is now more than “just a little adventure”, but also very political would have become:

“The anime is very, very strongly permeated by values, especially by this equality […] and then of course this confrontation with the church, the royal houses, all the intrigues.

All of this doesn’t seem exaggerated, but very real, even though it’s a fantasy story. This mix, which might add to the series towards Game of Thrones could move “makes the anime very special, I think.”

Pokémon, Sci-Fi & Time Travel: Which anime world would you like to be reborn in?

Then we had one more specific question for our conversation partners, because we still wanted to know from the stars of “My Rebirth as a Slime in Another World: Feuerrote Gang” which anime world they would like to be reincarnated inif they had the chance.

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Chloe in Pokémon Journeys The Series © Nintendo / The Pokémon Company

After a few laughs, Julia Bautz immediately replied that she would like to live in the Pokémon world: “Yeah, I’ve always wanted to be a Pokemon Master – Fuck Abi, collect medals! In fact, the dubbing actress can already live out this dream, because she speaks in the anime “Pokémon Journeys: The Series”. chloe one of the main characters.

Peggy Pollow, on the other hand, was undecided, but she would choose a sci-fi anime. He was similarly reserved Sven Platewho appears in “My Rebirth as a Slime in Another World: FireRed Gang” the character Gobuta speaks. Since he was in the anime classic Captain Future allowed to voice the main character at the time, he ultimately decided to do so.

For Marios Gavriliswho in recent years also as Katakuri in One Piece and Reiner Braun could be heard in “Attack on Titan”, the matter was soon settled. In addition to “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, he was particularly taken with the real-feeling world of “Steins;Gate”: “I find the aesthetic of the anime extremely sexy, extremely cleansomehow also mysterious in a way.”

Marios Gavrilis’ role as Hiiro in My Slime Reincarnation ©T,F,K/TSP

By the way, we were allowed to see Marios Gavrilis after the cinema premiere two more questions about the “My Rebirth as a Slime” movie and of course we don’t want to withhold his answers. First we wanted to know from him what makes the character Hiiro so interesting for him.

“Behind every driven character is a sad story. Hiiro’s story is particularly sad and touching as he is one of the few who survived the annihilation of his entire village and therefore did too developed feelings of guiltthat he of all people survived.” That’s just one for him “very touching and coherent character development throughout the film.”

Finally, we asked our interviewee what he thinks of a topic that has always heated the minds of numerous anime fans: Does the film belong to the main story of the series, that is to the “canon” or does it rather tell a detached, independent story and can therefore be neglected?

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Hiiro battles Benimaru ©T,F,K/TSP

For Marios Gavrilis, the eternal “canon question” is of secondary importance: “I’m happy about one exciting story within the same universe of an anime or film series. So I don’t care if it’s a more or less unrelated spin-off or if it actually continues the main story. It just has to be exciting and well told.

Ideally, however, such an anime film should have a “Main Line Extension” represent.

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Thank you all for taking the time for this little interview!