The Backrooms: Conjuring producer turns viral YouTube horror hit into the big screen

The Backrooms: Conjuring producer turns viral YouTube horror hit into the big screen

For many a hobby filmmaker, it would be winning the lottery 17-year-old Kane Parsons becomes a dream come true when suddenly Hollywood knocks on his door. The teenage YouTube star hated the horror film last year The Backrooms in popular Found footage style turned.

The publication took place piecemeal on his Youtube channel took place and promptly landed one viral hit: More than 100 million times was already the Horror movie clicked with shaky camera and distorted images. The result would make even seasoned filmmakers green with envy.

Conjuring producer turns viral hit into feature film

It was only a matter of time that one Hollywood film studio became aware of the production and the creative mind behind it, with the result: Kane Parsons is once again allowed to direct his project himself remake for the cinema.

When it comes to the screenplay, the young talent has Westworld writer Roberto Patino to the side. As producers stand Parson der Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy and Horror specialist James Wan to the side. Filming is slated to begin this summer – when Kane Parsons has school holidays…

The Backrooms with parallel worlds in the style of Upside Down

The Horror movie storyas multi-part short film series on YouTube was published, the young amateur filmmakers of Netflix hit series Stranger Things to inspire. Again, there are many parallels to the story above upside downone medical facility the government with questionable experiments and one parallel world with a terrible creature.

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The plot is the same mid 1980s- and early 1990s settled and is probably based on an urban legend that has been spread on the Internet for some time.

The focus is on a young person who learns about a strange event and wants to use his camera to uncover the mystery. In doing so, he gets into a bizarre maze of gloomy corridors, empty rooms and endless corridors in one alternative dimensionwhich is known as The Backrooms.

The protagonist wanders aimlessly until he comes across a strange graffiti message bumps into a wall: Suddenly he realizes that he is not alone! One fearsome creature pursues him mercilessly – but a way out of it horror maze to freedom is impossible.

See the original The Backrooms here

You get a first impression with the first 10 minute part of the horror series released between January 2022 and January 2023 and featuring the remaining episodes still available on YouTube:

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The individual episodes of the horror series The Backrooms are:

It will be announced when we can see the finished work on the big screen next year at the earliest.