Twitch does what they never did with DrDisrespect: they declare a permanent ban on a bad boy

Twitch does what they never did with DrDisrespect: they declare a permanent ban on a bad boy

The streaming service Twitch is known for its secrecy. They usually never comment on why they ban a streamer. To this day, it remains a mystery as to why DrDisrespect was banned from the platform in June 2020. But in the case of Adin Ross (22), they are now making an exception.

This is what Adrin Ross said about his spell: The 22-year-old streamer says Twitch banned him for absolutely no reason. He didn’t do anything.

Two things resonated with this declaration:

22-year-old earns €180,000 in one month with subscriptions alone – Twitch bans their new star forever

Reason for ban: Racist and anti-Semitic messages in Twitch chat

Twitch says: In a statement to the US side Dexerto Twitch now explains that Ross was banned for leaving hateful content unmoderated in his Twitch chat.

Messages with “racist or anti-Semitic messages” are not allowed on Twitch – they have to be moderated, i.e. deleted.

DrDisrespect was a celebrity on Twitch – His ban remains a big secret to this day

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What exactly happened there? As Dexerto knows, on February 24, Ross willfully shared his Kick channel’s chat on Twitch for 20 minutes and left it there unmoderated. There would have been several “racist and anti-Semitic messages” there.

This ultimately led to his eighth and apparently permanent ban from Twitch.

Why is this so rare? Normally, Twitch itself does not announce any ban reasons. They email the streamers they ban the reason for the ban, but don’t make a statement themselves. Whether the streamers make the ban public or not is up to them.

To this day, it’s completely open why one of Twitch’s most well-known streamers, DrDisrespect, received a permanent ban from the platform. There have been many rumors circulating here that Twitch banned him for “business reasons,” but Twitch would never comment on the matter.

But now they’re making an exception for Adin Ross. Apparently there were too many rumors circulating that the streamer could have been banned for base reasons.

There is a well-known case where Twitch shared why they banned whom: That was in June 2020. At that time they blocked the account of Donald Trump, the then President of the USA.

After Dr Disrespect, Twitch is now banning Donald Trump – because of hatred

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