Unprofessional gamer finishes Sons of the Forest in just 9 minutes

Gamer without a trade finishes Sons of the Forest in just 9 minutes GamersRD

A gamer without many earrings has started to practice and has managed to finish the survival game Sons of the Forest in just 9 minutes.

People say that Sons of the Forestthe sequel to 2014’s The Forest, is four times the size of its predecessor and players are already breaking records.

As reported PC Gamer, speedrunner Benjamin Romero has beaten Sons of the Forest in 8 minutes and 45 seconds. As is often the case with speedruns, Romero’s efforts were helped by some misses and feats. This form of fast racing is said to be known as Any% normal glitched racing.

They then race down a mountain at high speed without dying (somehow). This is a known glitch that basically turns the player into a human sled (apparently). Approaching a bunker with a club in hand, the player exploits another glitch by breaking through a wall to access an area that would normally require a key card.

It’s all very impressive and you can see all of this below. However, I wonder how long it will be until this speed record is broken. I guess we won’t be waiting long.

Sons of the Forest is out now for PC.


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