Where can I find the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest? (Location)

Where can I find the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest?  (Location)

In Sons of the Forest If you’re stuck on an island full of dangerous enemies, it’s only normal to face one decent weapon looking to fight back. For example, how about this stun gun, with which you can not only hit enemies but also stun them for a short time? In this guide we will tell you about it Location of the stun gun.

Sons of the Forest: Finding the Stun Gun (Location)

There are many practical weapons in that survival horror game “Sons of the Forest”, but hardly any is as wonderfully useful as the stun gun, after all, the good piece can be used in many different ways. And on top of that, you can easily get your hands on this percussion instrument, because you have to find it no special requirements fulfill.

This makes the shocking device a good choice for those who need something early on that cannibals and Keep mutants at bay permit. In contrast to the shotgun, which you can only reach if you already own a shovel, rope gun and diving gear: Find shotgun in Sons of the Forest.

So once you’ve made sure you don’t starve to death or die of miserable thirst along the way, head to the west of the island. Here you follow the course of the many branches of the river until you discover the end of a stream. Next to a small waterfall there are some rocks in the water and some stacked and impaled skulls.

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This is where you’ll find the stun gun. © Endnight Games/PlayCentral.de

The stun gun protrudes from one of these skulls, which you now only have to grab. The melee weapon is used as usual with the left mouse button on the PC or with the keys R2/RT used on the controller to slam, with the right mouse button or the buttons L2/LT you can protect yourself.

Of course, you can also give intrusive opponents a real shock that will stunned for a while. To do this, hold down the left mouse button or the R2/RT key for longer. Now you can safely work on the helpless enemy or, if in doubt, just run away. Or you end things quickly and purposefully with the gun.

The location of the stun gun is pretty macabre. © Endnight Games/PlayCentral.de

Sons of the Forest: How to charge the stun gun

Of course, such a powerful weapon also has its downside in a game like Sons of the Forest, otherwise you’d just scurry around the island all day stunning everything that didn’t make it up the trees in time. Accordingly, the device consumes with each stunning a good chunk of energy.

So if you’re unlucky, you’ll soon find yourself with a state-of-the-art baton that has lost all its power. Watch out for them Energy gauge above the handle, so as not to let this fate come true. If you finally run out of juice, which must happen sooner or later, you can use the stun gun recharge with batteries.

Always keep an eye on the energy meter! © Endnight Games/PlayCentral.de

Batteries can be found all over the island, so the only time you’ll run out of supplies is if you don’t look around properly. So keep your eyes open and take a good look around everywhere. By the way, you don’t have to insert the batteries manually, if the shocker is empty, it will automatically recharged. Incidentally, this principle also lies in the flashlight perish.

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Now you have a really handy weapon that will surely serve you well in many a battle. But it’s far from the best weapon in Sons of the Forest, and certainly not the only one. In our guide Find All Weapons: Sons of the Forest – These are the locations we’ll tell you which weapons you can still find.

And if you haven’t been at the beginning of your journey for a long time and you’re slowly longing for it, to leave the horror island againgo on a search the last bunker in the game, where the adventure reaches its final moment. We’ll tell you how to get there How can I complete Sons of the Forest? This is how you can reach the end.