Who will be the new James Bond? Actor takes himself out of the race

This star wanted to be James Bond - it went completely wrong (1)

After the final farewell to Daniel Craig, the producers are looking for a new actor who will slip into the role of British secret agent James Bond in the future. In the past months there was a lot of speculation, many names made the rounds. The list of potential candidates ranged from Witcher actor Henry Cavill to Idris Elba. However, one of these contenders has now emerged himself out of the race.

This actor will probably not be the new James Bond

Taron Egerton was meanwhile also on the list of those actors who for the role of James Bond could be eligible. The British actor has previously appeared in films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service and Robin Hood, among others. His skills as an action star he had therefore repeatedly proved. However, in a recent interview with Games Radar, he made it clear that he was the new James Bond is not available. When asked if he will be the successor to Daniel Craig, he answered relatively clearly.

“I think they’ve already picked someone – and that’s not me. I mean, I’ve never been a part of those conversations. I’ve never met the Broccolis, they’ve never asked about me. I wasn’t one of the candidates at any time that they had their eyes on. I just don’t think I’m the right person for the role. In my opinion, there are far, far, far more suitable candidates for this role than me.”