Wo Long – Fallen Dynasty: Test comparison of German magazines [3/7] – News

Wo Long - Fallen Dynasty: Test comparison of German magazines [3/7] - News

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In our comparison of grades Wo Long – Fallen Dynasty we list tests, reviews, ratings or whatever from the following German online game magazines – regardless of the fact that some of them also publish print offers (aka booklets): CBS (Computer Bild Spiele), GameStar.de, GamePro.de , GIGA.de, PCGames.de (& Videogameszone.de), Spieletipps.de and, of course, GamersGlobal.de – whereby we politely place ourselves at the end of the review list. What is important to us: A rating can only be a rough description of the game quality – please read the respective test report before commenting on a rating that might be out of the ordinary. The magazines Gameswelt.de and Eurogamer.de no longer appear since they decided to no longer write a rating under their tests.

Rating Comparison: Wo Long -Fallen Dynasty

Review by note/link Quote from the review
computer image games Not tested*
GameStar 81
v. 100
Another well-done Souls-like from the Nioh makers, whose setting and silly story you either like or ignore [Ganzer Test hinter der Paywall]
GamePro 83
First of all, I had to understand that I’m not playing Nioh 3 with a China setting, but that I have to approach the gameplay in a completely different way. Once I understood that, I started to like Wo Long. [Abwertung von 4 Punkten wegen technischer Mängel]
GIGA Not tested*
PC Games /
Not tested*
Game Tips Not tested*
GamersGlobal 7.0
v. 10
All of Wo Long’s mechanisms not only ensure that keys are sometimes assigned three functions, but some parts do not mesh. […] My big highlight in Wo Long are the fun boss fights. […] But as good as the combat system is at its core, the way through these corners to the highlights is sometimes too tedious for me as a Soulslike fan.
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average rating 7.8 *Last checked: 03/03/2023, 10:00 am

We calculate the average rating based on the 10 system, so a “75” corresponds to a 7.5. Of course, the rating systems and philosophies differ in detail. If a magazine awards different ratings or grades depending on the platform, we use the highest for the average. If in the meantime a test has appeared in a magazine that is marked as “Not tested” here, we would be happy if the rating and link were mentioned as a comment.