WoSchCa 3.3.23: Future music – News

WoSchCa 3.3.23: Future music - News

Table of Contents


Jörg and Hagen take a look at this week’s content from the editorial and user community and look to the future.

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The end-of-the-week podcast is often about looking back, and this time there’s plenty of interesting GG content of the week and travel anecdotes. However, the view is also turned in the other direction, for example with the topics from the editorial and good manners is ultimately also the question of what we will do on the weekend that is about to start.

The timecodes of this podcast:

  • 00:25 Jörg and Hagen say hello and are already thinking about the future.
  • 2:18 The most recent issue of Burtchen’s Stream of Consciousness asked, What makes it so hard to come up with a good new The settlers to accomplish?
  • 10:45 am Hagen reports from Final Fantasy 16the try-out event in London and the special discovery called the Glitch Bar
  • 21:12 Hagen praises the fights in Final Fantasy 16, and he does the same Wo Long – Fallen Dynastybut in the test it could not inspire him.
  • 27:00 We go into the current plans of the editors, which were described to you in the editorial, as well as the number of views of some of our content in February.
  • 38:38 With the current DU gallery, the save editor guide for Sons of the Forest from Daniel Gast and the checks too Thearhythmy – Final Bar Line by mrkhfloppy and Steel Division 2: Blood Feud of Transylvania There has been a lot of user content from Vampiro in the last few days and it’s going to be strong over the weekend.
  • 46:22 Jörg and Hagen had fun with what was in them banner lord and Like a Dragon – Ishin happened and what the viewers of the respective Letsplays will experience.
  • 52:34 What are we doing at the weekend?
  • 59:30 Thanks for listening…
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Published on 02/03/2023: After a productive week with Dead Space and an offsite meeting, Jörg and Ramona chat about the week and what the news of discontinued games could mean.

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