WoW advertises “own home”, starts new housing debate

WoW advertises "own home", starts new housing debate

Housing in World of Warcraft? Many hope so and have been disappointed so far. Or are the developers “secretly” going a whole new way here?

If you ask World of Warcraft fans what feature the game desperately needs, there are almost as many opinions as there are players. But one thing has been demanded again and again over the years and soon decades: housing. So far, Blizzard has been rather cautious, now a tweet has caused new fire and a lot of frustration.

What is the housing all about? Housing is a feature that World of Warcraft players have basically wanted since the days of vanilla, but until now it has never been fulfilled. Whenever a new expansion is announced, there is always a small glimpse of hope that this time it will happen.

But so far there was only the garrison in “Warlords of Draenor”, which fell far short of expectations. That was “Housing Light” at best, but realistically it had little to do with it.

What happened now? World of Warcraft tweeted in multiple languages, saying, “Create your own home – all with new toys found in the Dragon Isles!”

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When they heard the word “home” many people pricked their ears and their pulse shot up – but in vain. Because the picture “only” shows the use of several toys that can be easily combined in WoW. We have already reported on the tents in particular, but other toys also bring flair and at least make it possible to create a temporary camp site.

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But the criticism in the reply tweets was pretty clear. Many people immediately thought of housing when they heard the word “home” and were bitterly disappointed. Some also criticize that some of the toys only last for a few minutes. As a result, you spend more time setting up the toys than actually using the camp – although the tents are a pleasant exception.

Blizzard has probably unintentionally reopened the housing debate.

How likely is it that WoW will still get housing? That’s hard to say. Blizzard has always emphasized in the past that you basically hear the calls of the community, but that housing would require a hell of a lot of work. Basically, getting this feature right would take as much time as most of the development of an entire extension.

However, one must also note that Blizzard has clearly shown in the past year that they are willing to change and make adjustments in World of Warcraft. Whether it’s the “cross-faction” groups or Dragonflight’s massive twink friendliness. WoW is generally on the right track and 100 additional employees could make the dream of housing come true. The hope for the feature remains.

Would you be happy about housing?