WoW Patch 10.0.7: New area, release, loot – that’s in the new update

WoW Male Naga Boss Forbidden Reach

World of Warcraft patch 10.0.7 is coming soon. We have all the information about the next content update of Dragonflight.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight wants to deliver proper content and that in 2023. In order for this to succeed, Blizzard has to release new updates much more frequently than before. The patch 10.0.7 is almost in the starting blocks and brings a new area and a lot of new content that should entertain at least for a while. We have collected all the information about patch 10.0.7 for you.

The most important thing about patch 10.0.7 in brief:

  • A firm release date is still pending, one speculates at the end of March, beginning of April.
  • The patch brings the “Forbidden Island” as a new endgame area.
  • There’s a new highly customizable ring that will arguably be Best in Slot for everyone.
  • Patch 10.0.7 does not bring a new raid or dungeon.
  • Orcs and humans will receive their heritage and legacy gear, respectively.
  • Monks are available for more races.

When will patch 10.0.7 be released? So far, Blizzard has not given a reliable release date. However, since the patch brings some changes to the Easter event in World of Warcraft, many speculate that the update will appear before the start of this event. That would be April 5th, 2023 at the latest, but this has not yet been confirmed.

New game content in patch 10.0.7

Even though patch 10.0.7 is just a “small” content patch that doesn’t involve a raid or dungeon, there’s still a lot to do that should keep you entertained for at least a few weeks. We introduce you to the main features of the update.

The Forbidden Island – Return to the Dracthyr starting area

The Forbidden Island was previously only the starting area for the Dracthyr, but will be accessible to everyone with Patch 10.0.7. There are many new quests and some fresh mechanics, as well as of course “the usual” – meaning world quests, lots of treasure and rare enemies that can drop unique loot.

The vaults of Zskera

You will only be able to explore the vaults of Zskera piece by piece, because to open new rooms you need keys, which you can find all over the island.

The dungeons not only bring some interesting puzzles, but also interesting details about the history of the Dracthyr, the Titans and even the Naga and their queen.

But exploring the vault is also worthwhile for everyone else, because here you will find the coveted primeval stones for the onyx base ring.

By the way, the keys are account-bound. So you don’t have to worry about missing something if you play as an alt – he can simply forward the keys he found to the main character.

WoW Zskera vault
The Vaults of Zskera – a ‘dungeon’ just for you.

The onyx base ring

A special new system is the onyx base ring. It should remind veterans a bit of the Mechagon punch card, which you could fill with various cool effects. The new ring, which can bring many different effects, works in a very similar way.

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You first have to earn the sockets of the ring (“primeval stones”) on the Forbidden Island, you can mainly find them in the vault of Zskera. Although there is a certain random factor here, you can also work towards special effects and exchange them for popular ones – the socket stones do not disappear, but can be taken out safely.

The Ring is expected to be the best in slot item for all classes and specializations for the remainder of Season 1, but will become significantly less relevant shortly after the start of Season 2.

It’s meant to be a little end-of-season gimmick that allows characters to increase their power a bit.

New faction: The Winter Fur Furbolgs

Already at the launch of Dragonflight you could make your first acquaintance with the winter fur furbolgs and at least raise their reputation to “Unfriendly”. With patch 10.0.7, things are finally moving forward and the furbolgs are becoming a full-fledged faction.

The first step, however, is to decipher the unusually complicated language of the furbolgs in order to slowly but surely be able to get in better contact with the furry creatures. To start the new quest, however, you must have already met the Winterfur Furbolgs in the Azure Mountains – if you haven’t already done so, you should catch up on these side missions now.

WoW Forbidden Isle Map
The Forbidden Island – a new endgame area for Dragonflight.

New questline about Baine Bloodhoof

A new series of quests should attract the attention of tauren fans in particular, as Baine Bloodhoof travels to the plains of Ohn’ahra. It focuses heavily on the past of the tauren, who were originally almost wiped out by the centaurs – but some compelling stories from the past also come to light and provide more background information on one of the oldest races in World of Warcraft.

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Orc and Human heritage armor

After a long wait, humans and orcs are finally getting their traditional equipment. This is accompanied by a special quest line dealing with the legacy of humans and orcs. While orcs must bring some clans together and honor traditions, humans are concerned with saving Elwynn Forest, Northshire, and all of Stormwind from an enemy.

WoW Human Orc Heritage Armor
Orcs and humans are finally getting their heritage armor.

More monks for Azeroth

With Dragonflight, Blizzard has started unlocking more and more classes for all races. This trend will continue in Patch 10.0.7, bringing the Monk class to more races. In the future you can also create monks of the following races:

  • goblins
  • Lightforged Draenei
  • worgen

This means that all races (except the Dracthyr) are able to play Monk. If you want to combine the various racial advantages of the goblins, lightforged and worgen with a monk, you will have the opportunity to do so in the future.

Recruit a Friend revamp

Not really a main feature, but worth mentioning: The “Recruit a Friend” program is being revised and given new rewards. How exactly they will look like is not yet known, but will certainly be published in the next few days. Then we will pass on this information.

Are you looking forward to Patch 10.0.7?