Mahershala Ali was about to play Joel in HBO’s The Last Of Us

Mahershala Ali was about to play Joel in HBO's The Last Of Us

While the cast was being sought to interpret the characters of the series The Last Of Us from HBO, some names that were playing to play Joel in the series.

However, during a recent interview via The Direct The actor Jeffrey Pierce, who plays Perry in the HBO series The Last Of Us, revealed that Mahershala Ali he was almost cast in the lead role until they decided to go with Pedro Pascal.

Pierce, who voiced Tommy Miller in the original video game, thought he would not reprise his previous character if Ali was given the part. However, after they left with Pascal, he learned he wouldn’t be playing Miller due to the age difference between him and the Chilean actor, a win-win situation for the man looking to return as Tom.

I think they had initially talked to Mahershala Ali about playing Joel, which is an obvious sign that I’m not going to play Tommy.”. Pierce expressed. “And when they chose Pedro [Pascal], I knew that, yes, that was certainly not going to happen anyway, I am older than Pedro Pascal. So I wasn’t getting my hopes up about that, for sure.”.

So far Pedro Pascal has done an excellent role playing Joel and they even have a similar appearance to the video game character. So far, HBO’s The Last Of Us has been a hit and has been hailed by both fans of the game and critics alike.

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