Overwatch 2 will have a collaboration with One-Punch Man

Overwatch 2 will have a collaboration with One-Punch Man

The Legendary Terrible Tornado, Kiriko’s skin will arrive as part of a bundle, available for 2,100 coins in the in-game store Overwatch 2. The pack includes the legendary skin, Terrible Impressive Victory Pose, and the Terrible Tornado name card. The skin, as well as the rest of the One Punch Man collaboration, will be available from March 7 to April 6.

It’s the first major in-game collaboration for Overwatch from the LEGO-inspired Bastion look in 2019. I had a chance to meet with Art Director Dion Rogers to find out how this unexpected partnership came about:

“It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time,” he said. “You know, the art style of Overwatch it is a kind of union of the aesthetics and values ​​of the West and the East: Overwatch It has a bit of an anime style. So, being anime fans, we were looking for a partner to collaborate with. We looked at various studios, and then when One-Punch Man came out, it was amazing how many people on the team knew about the anime and loved the idea. Aaron Keller, our game director, knows all the characters inside out, as well as the whole game inside out and inside out.

“So we were quite surprised. We felt that it would be a great thing because the team would be excited about this idea, since the team knew the anime very well and they were extremely excited, it was at that moment that we felt that it was the right decision.

Rogers was not wrong. He says that the collaboration was so popular at the studio that, in the team’s first meeting about it, the character artist for Saitama – Doomfist began drawing designs during the call and shared them soon after. If you would know how much One Punch Man loves the team of OverwatchOne had to consider the fact that Doomfist had a voice line referencing the show for years: “One punch is all I need,” before this one. crossover happen. “Yeah, we got inspired,” Rogers laughed when I asked him about it.

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So what will happen specifically to Kiriko’s costume? Terrible Tornado is an incredibly powerful psychic in the world of One-Punch Man, and she comes with a distinct personality of her own. What made Kiriko the right one to don her costume?

“Part of the challenge of bringing in some of the heroes is basically [debido a] a change of silhouette As for the gameplay, we must be careful. Doomfist, for example: how Saitama gets a cape. We never gave Doomfist a cape, in any of the skins, so that his silhouette, the way players are used to seeing him, stays that way. So we were very careful with this issue.

“Kiriko, besides needing more appearances, because she’s a new hero in the game, she fits Kiriko’s silhouette quite well. [Terrible Tornado]. So it seemed like a natural choice: we could do her hairstyle, but a lot of Kiriko’s base silhouette comes from her skirt, the little angled parts of her clothes. So we could keep that look while capturing [Terrible Tornado] in a kind of cosplay way.”

Rogers brings up an interesting point about this collaboration: In most games, you’d assume the heroes were meant to be some version of the One-Punch Man characters but, in Overwatch 2They will dress up like them.

“That is our approach; that our heroes are basically aware of the anime and are also fans. And they are dressed as heroes. So when you see Doomfist wearing Saitama’s outfit, you know he’s a fan too.”

Will we see more cosplay-style collaborations for Overwatch 2 in the future?

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“We definitely want to do more collaborations over time, but with the right opportunity. [porque] it took us a long time to get here; hopefully it won’t take as long for the next one. However, we aim to do more. It was a lot of fun for the team. It’s amazing, I think our approach goes perfectly with Overwatch”.

“What I like about the new game is that it’s seasonal, now we have the seasonal cadence of things. It will allow us to look for more things like this, because we have specific seasons where we can connect these things.”

I couldn’t let Rogers go without asking: what would your dream collaboration be once One Punch Man ends? “Oh! Dragon Ball – that’s one of them. I’m actually a fan of Street FighterI would love to do something with Street Fighter sometime”. There is hope that one or both will happen soon!

Overwatch 2 is now available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. The collaboration event of Overwatchwhich includes the legendary skin Terrible Tornado – Kiriko, will begin on March 7 and will be available until April 6.