50 Cent Deletes Instagram Post About GTA 6

The Story Behind 50 Cent's Game: A Nightmare for Developers

This week, we broke the news that rapper 50 Cent I had uploaded an image of the logo of Vice City on his Instagram account and at once the rumors were triggered. In that publication, the interpreter of Candy Shop, He promised to report back later on what he was up to and many thought it was some kind of collaboration between the rapper and RockStar Games.

However, Curtis Jackson, has removed the posts that sparked rumors of Grand Theft Auto VI. The fans had been excited and many thought that she was being part of either the soundtrack or as a character within GTA 6as the game is rumored to be set in Vice City.

If he is part of the project, he would be prohibited from talking about it due to confidentiality agreements. You have now deleted all these posts and have not explained why. The mystery continues to unravel and becomes more and more perplexing.

Either way, whatever’s going on, we’ll find out eventually. Either in a week or two and it’s all for a Vice City inspired music video or in 3 years when GTA 6 finally comes out and 50 Cent has a song in the game, we’ll probably find out the truth one day.


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