“Absolute rubbish! – Ryan Reynolds gossips about the first Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds as the first Deadpool.

More than a year before Deadpool’s planned third cinematic adventure, the two leading actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman cleverly ensure that the film remains a topic of conversation. On social media, the two outdo each other with not entirely serious teasing, alluding to the big showdown between Deadpool and Wolverine on the big screen. But it won’t be the first time the two Hollywood stars have met as superheroes.

Ryan Reynolds slams the first Deadpool

speaks in an interview Ryan Reynolds about the first solo appearance of Marvel hero and member of the X-Men, Wolverine. The Canadian actor celebrated his life in this blockbuster Debut as Deadpool. However, the version differs in X-Men Origins: Wolverine from 2009 differs significantly from later appearances in the Deadpool films.

Ryan Reynolds is there without the typical costume and, unlike the later Deadpool, is mute as he has no mouth. That sounds funny, but that’s how it is. Too positive has Ryan Reynolds apparently not remembering his role. He refers to the whole film as “absolute rubbish”.

“Absolute rubbish! – Ryan Reynolds slanders about the first Deadpool (2)
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Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds declares his love for Hugh Jackman

As he continues, he talks about his upcoming partner in Deadpool 3, which will be released on November 06, 2024 to start in German cinemas. X-Men Origins: Wolverine gave Ryan Reynolds the first opportunity to work with a Hollywood star of the caliber of Hugh Jackman. The words of praise read like a declaration of love to the Australian superstar.

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“What struck me about him was that he was so nice. He was one of the first people I observed at this level who was the caterer treated the same way like the director or the producer or the head of the studio. He just treated everyone the same.” Ryan Reynolds continues: “I think Hugh Jackman is probably responsible for the fact that in the weird and wonderful world of show business, there are so many great people who love working.”