Fan uses an AI to recreate the characters of GTA San Andreas in real life

GTA San Andreas AI reality GamersRD3

GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular games in the Grand Theft Auto series and is loved by fans for the immersive experience it provided at the time.

Despite using standard 2D graphics in a 3D setting, it was hailed as one of the most realistic games in the early 2000s.

Although Los Santos was brought close to realism in GTA 5, the characters from the previous game were never fully retouched by Rockstar Games. However, a passionate reddit fan has used artificial intelligence to bring the characters to life.

According to the user, the images were recreated using ControlNet, Img2Img, and RealisticVision AI. The post included realistic portraits of protagonist Carl “CJ” Johnson, police officer Frank Tenpenny, Melvin Harris aka Big Smoke, Sean “Sweet” Johnson, Lance Wilson aka Ryder, Cesar Vialpando, Catalina, The Truth , Mike Toreno, Wu Zi Mu, aka Woozie.

The following are the GTA San Andreas characters and their AI-generated portraits:

GTA San Andreas AI reality GamersRD3 GTA San Andreas AI reality GamersRD3 GTA San Andreas AI reality GamersRD3

Explaining the “basic process” in a later post, AaronGNP noted that they used images from the GTA San Andreas Fandom wiki to create AI-generated versions of the various characters.

The Redditor uploaded each image to ControlNet and Img2Img, then used magnifications from a post featured on RealisticVision for his prompts.

These are intriguing results, to say the least, and quite bizarre. For one thing, rapper Eazy-E’s influence on Ryder’s character design is even more apparent now.

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