Sons of the Forest creators have big plans to improve the game’s AI

Sons of the Forest Has a Haunting New Trailer and Release Date, GamersRD

Sons of the Forest has given a lot to talk about but there is still a lot of work to be done such as improving the helpers in the game, for that Endnight has confirmed the plans it has to solve that.

According to a Reddit Q&A session spotted and transcribed by PC Gamer, the team has “big plans” for Kelvin, including expanding the tasks he can complete, including fortifying the base.

Endnight also intends to develop Virginia’s AI to take on intruders “more bravely” if you’re altruistic enough to surrender one of your firearms.

“We have big plans to keep adding tasks that Kelvin can complete, some ideas in progress are to have him help build a wall around his base, or to fortify/repair the base when needed”, the team said.

“For Virginia, we plan to add more to her AI, particularly giving her more bravery if she has a gun, and also depending on how many mutants/cannibals she has killed.”

There are also plans to include more cutscenes and information about the game’s story, and limit the ways players can disturb others on public servers. We can also expect more crafting stuff, an increase in the variety of cannibal camps, and the introduction of at least one enemy that didn’t make it to the early access release.

Finally, the team teased that there is “something we are working on in the background, but we don’t have an exact date yet” and at some point, although we don’t know exactly when, the team wants to explore “a good idea” to help us move around the island faster.

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Sons of the Forest is now available in Early Access on PC.