Amazon Games Secures Tomb Raider And 2 Big MMORPGs – Talks About The Future


After New World and Lost Ark, Amazon grabs the next big IP with Tomb Raider. Two other MMORPGs are also in the starting blocks at the group. The head of marketing at Amazon Game Studios has now revealed in an interview what will happen next.

Where does the information come from? The Venture Beat website had an interview with Sarah Anderson, who is head of marketing at Amazon Games and spoke about the future of the games division there. Anderson has held the position for at least 3.5 years, but says he has worked in the industry for a total of around 30 years.

The interview is about Amazon Games in general, their past successes and the future of the studio. A lot of value is placed on the economic aspects. But there was also some exciting information about new games and how the current games will continue.

What happens to the running titles? Sarah Anderson hardly goes into Lost Ark in the interview. She only talks about the successful start of the MMORPG and promises that they will continue to work on it. Here she mainly addresses the localization work that is being prioritized for Lost Ark.

You see Lost Ark on Amazon as an investment in a long-term brand. She says something similar about the ongoing New World, but is more specific here. Anderson is pleased that despite the bumpy start, New World was once again catapulted into the top 10 on Steam with lots of updates and support.

She promises that players will continue to work passionately on New World and continue to invest in the game. Here, too, Anderson speaks of a long-term franchise for Amazon and assures: “We have big plans for the game.”

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Amazon Games Focuses on Transmedia – Is there a movie coming to New World?

What is Transmedia?Anderson explains the term primarily with the possibilities that Amazon as a group has at its disposal. As an example, she cites Amazon’s plans for Crystal Dynamics and its Tomb Raider brand. Amazon is getting involved there as a publisher and not only wants to bring new games, but also a series about the video game heroine.

This form of marketing, for example as a game and at the same time as a film or series with Prime Video, is what Anderson calls Transmedia here.

Is there a New World movie coming? There is, of course, no precise statement on this. But according to Anderson’s statements, that would actually be conceivable. She literally says: “You can do great things with the power of Amazon. We have Prime Video and all these things we can do with it. Then there are the tech services from AWS [Amazon Web Services] and Twitch as well as Prime Gaming. There are many tools to work with here to connect players and build communities around the games.”

Blue Protocol, Throne and Liberty, Tomb Raider – and 5 more games

What’s next? In the near future, Blue Protocol and Throne and Liberty are two major MMORPGs that Amazon represents as a publisher in the West. Again, AGS takes care of the localization and not the programming of the game itself.

There’s a similar deal with Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider. Additionally, Amazon has partnered with Disruptive Studios and Glowmade, who are also each working on a game that will be published by Amazon. However, there is no information about this yet.

But Amazon itself remains active. Anderson reveals that the Montreal and San Diego studios are each working on an unannounced project. The AGS offices in Irvine and Orange County are also tinkering with a new project.

So, in the long term, we can look forward to at least 8 new games either emerging on Amazon or launching in the West.

What’s next for Amazon itself? The marketing boss also reveals that Amazon Games wants to continue to grow. They want to use the current momentum to bring more talent on board and further optimize the studio.

However, they would like to shift down a gear when it comes to speed: “We will continue to grow. Not at the rate we’ve grown so far, but we still have projects to prepare for. And we do our best to organize our teams around these projects.”

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