Arctic Warrior 2023 turned off: Does UnsymapthischTV regret its participation?

Arctic Warrior UnsympathischTV bereut Teilnahme

The Arctic warrior is a great event for organizers Otto Karasch. This year he wants to send six teams of two to the freezing cold of Finland for five days traversal to survive. Filming has already ended and YouTubers UnsympatheticTV reports on Instagram annoyed to word. Does he regret his participation?

Arctic Warrior 2023: Everything in the box

Although far from all candidates have been known, they are filming already ended for the “Arctic Warrior”. On Instagram organizer and participant OttoBulletproof reports to his fans with a post:

“The #arcticwarrior is over, the weeks of hard work have paid off, all in the can with epic shots. All I can say is thank you.”

What is the Arctic Warrior about? In this survival format six teams exposed in the frozen desert of Finland to reach a goal in a certain time. Each team consists of one professional and a beginnerwho are previously trained together.

After participation: UnsympatischTV is “fed up”

Sascha’s participation: The YouTuber UnsympatheticTV had agreed at short notice to compete in the format. He denied the challenge with Otto at his side. First the ex-soldier wanted it MontanaBlack take to Lapland, but he had canceled out of respect for the cold.

Sascha sounded a bit when he accepted nervous and insecurebut trusts in Otto’s ability and steps up. Was that a mistake? Only recently have the candidates returned from the far north. Den Creator seems to be doing a decent job A cold to have caught.

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In an Instagram story, Sascha shows his purchase, which should help him to get well again quickly. Besides, he makes one Announcement to his teammates:

“Otto, please never ask me again if I would like to take part in any of your events. Fed up!”

We can’t wait to see what awaits us in the sequels. How will Sascha deal with the situation? Do the two keep up can? When the Arctic Warrior will be broadcast, is written by the way not fixed yet. Of course we’ll keep you Up to date.