Atlas Fallen: Deck 13 Fantasy RPG with release date and pictures

Atlas Fallen: Deck 13 Fantasy RPG with release date and pictures

from Norman Wittkopf
The action RPG Atlas Fallen for PC, PS5 and Xbox developed by the “The Surge” makers Deck 13 has been dated May by publisher Focus Entertainment. There is new footage to match, while new gameplay insights will follow soon.

After Atlas Fallen was first announced at Gamescom last year with a cinematic trailer and only a few gameplay excerpts at the end, the publication is now due very soon: On May 16th, the action role-playing game with a fantasy setting for PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S appear according to Focus Entertainment.

In view of the omission of the older consoles, a new next-gen title could theoretically be on the horizon. The system requirements are still missing, as are many details about the game. On the Steam page, the new work by the German developer studio Deck 13 (known for The Surge or Lords of the Fallen, among other things) with pre-order bonuses can still be purchased for 49.99 euros preorder.

Atlas Fallen: New action RPG from the creators of “The Surge” in the Gamescom trailer

Atlas Fallen is supposed to offer that

In Atlas Traps

At the same time, you unlock powerful skills and abilities to create a unique moveset and rise as the liberator of the people of Atlas. In line with this, new screenshots have now been released, which can be found in the image gallery above, while “spectacular”, new gameplay material in the form of trailers is to follow soon.

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