Crusader Kings 3: DLC Tours and Tournaments Announced – News

Crusader Kings 3: DLC Tours and Tournaments Announced - News

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As part of today’s “Paradox Announcement Show” have Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development with Tours and Tournaments a new extension for Crusader Kings 3 announced that you already have on your Steam Wishlist can put You can watch the announcement trailer right below this news.

By hosting lavish celebrations and grand tournaments, you can bring the map to life in new ways. Pilgrimages to sacred religious sites are accompanied by more mundane journeys, including grand tours of the empire where rulers experience first-hand what is happening in their lands. There are also many deeds your characters can perform to increase reputation or skills. All is not certain, but with great risk comes the potential for great fame. For example, your characters can hunt big game, travel to distant lands, or engage in mock battles.

Crusader Kings 3: Tours and Tournaments features include:

  • Grand Tournaments: You hold tournaments that attract local nobles and traveling knights. You choose the event, set the location and use the tournaments to improve social status or military skills.
  • Great tours: With a tour of the realm, you can take stock of the vassals, you can express your goodwill or extort higher taxes.
  • Big wedding celebrations: With gold saved, the true meaning of a marriage, namely politics, can be brought into focus. In-laws are honored, the vassals are taken care of and their own power is demonstrated.
  • Travel System: You have to plan the routes to the major activities. Do you only travel through civilized countries or do you prefer to take the direct route, even if it leads through dark forests or high mountains? With a large entourage you can make the journey easier, or travel light and get down to business quickly.
  • Knightly Awards: You can honor your best knights with special titles and awards. This leads to bonuses for the knights and their armies.
  • New Armor Designs: New historical armor designs from across the centuries have been incorporated into the new tournament and award systems.
  • New Western Clothing: The new elements for clothing design show how fashion changed and developed in Western Europe from the Carolingian period to the end of the Middle Ages.
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Tours and Tournaments will be released in Spring 2023, as usual alongside a free update. This update includes a new Activities menu with new interactions for Pilgrimages, Celebrations, and Driven Hunts, as well as more complex Regency relationship management. Important changes to vassal relationships and territory management are also included in the update. If you’re playing on console, you’ll have to wait a little longer. For this should be in the spring Royal Court (in check) appear for console.