CS:GO 2 is actually coming and will start beta soon

CS:GO Sniper

The competitive multiplayer shooter CS:GO has enjoyed great popularity for years and is one of the most important worldwide eSports titles. However, the game has been on the market since 2012 and is therefore showing its age. Fans have therefore been hoping for a technology upgrade for some time.

After the rumors about such an update in the past few weeks picked up speed again have, there are now more clues. This is how a successor to “CS:GO” should actually be valves are in development. The beta of the game should even start in March.

CS:GO 2: New information

In a report by Insiders Gaming new information is provided on a possible second part. Accordingly has Richard Lewis, a journalist, analyst and tournament host, has rounded up multiple sources confirming that the upgrade is on the way. Lewis says:

“The new version will almost certainly be released under the working title Counter-Strike 2 and the tentative release date for the beta is this month of March, no later than April 1st. […] The game will also feature a vastly improved matchmaking system with features that will hopefully eliminate the need for third-party pugging services.”

In addition, “CS:GO 2” 128 tick servers introduce those at the competitor Valorant are already standard and have been on fans’ wish lists for years. Unsurprisingly, the update to the in-house Source 2 engine set. According to a Twitter user, tests have been running since December:

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That brings the new engine

“CS:GO” was developed in the now obsolete Source engine and therefore technically looks something unclean and poor in detail out of. The much stronger one Source 2 engine has been available for a few years and is now set to be used in “CS:GO 2”. Thereby would be more complex settingsa wealth of detail and also ray tracing possible.

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Should “CS:GO 2” actually come, there is for valves one more important question to be answered. The skins from the game can sometimes be really expensive and many players have accumulated a large number of them over the years. A clear announcement would be needed here as to what is happening with the skins and whether they are taken over in part two can become.