Curious skill game on Nintendo Switch controls itself with a roll of toilet paper

Curious skill game on Nintendo Switch controls itself with a roll of toilet paper

from Sarah Petzold
A curious game of skill has appeared on the Nintendo Switch that we control using a roll of toilet paper. We summarize what the strange title called Give me toilet paper! has on itself.

We didn’t just know that the movement controls on Nintendo consoles sometimes produce strange games since the Wario Ware series was released. But what developer Takahiro Miyazawa now entitled Give me toilet paper! launches, breaking new ground in the cabinet of curiosities on the Nintendo Switch.

Help, the toilet paper is gone!

Because in Give me toilet paper, which is advertised as an action or skill game! As the name suggests, everything revolves around toilet paper, and real paper at that. The gameplay works as follows: We take a Joy-Con from the Switch, put it in the cardboard tube of a full roll of toilet paper and stuff the two sides with toilet paper so that the controller is inside the roll. Then we place the reel on a moving, flat surface and control the game by rolling the reel back and forth – well, flat – on the surface.

A tutorial video on YouTube shows what this looks like in practice:

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The goal of Give me toilet paper! now consists of controlling a virtual reel through different levels by actually rolling the Joy-Con in the toilet paper roll. The role rolls along a course that is peppered with various traps such as rotating saw blades and lasers. The story of the game is as simple as it is everyday: a man is sitting on the toilet and he has run out of toilet paper. Now it’s up to us to help him out of his predicament.

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Anyone who thinks that only the Japanese can come up with such a strange game is probably right. However, the title looks rather entertaining at first glance and is also available for free in the Nintendo e-Shop. So if you want to give the toilet roll a chance, you won’t go wrong with a download.

Source: N Tower