Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village – Star wants to make hit anime even more popular

Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village Cinema Event Tengen

We were allowed to attend the German premiere of Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village be on site in Berlin. Before the start of the event, we also had the chance with the Japanese dubbing star Katsuyuki Konishi to speak of in the anime hit fan favorite Uzui Tengen lends his distinctive voice.

“All right, I have to be there!”

We wanted from Konishi-san, who himself extra time for the questions from some colleagues and us know how he responded to the explosive popularity of the row has responded. Although the manga was already successful, it only became a mega hit when the TV anime started.

The Uzui Tengen spokesman directly replied that he had read the manga before working on the TV series and happened to watch “Demon Slayer” on TV one day: “And I was totally surprised, in what a quality the anime was finished and I immediately thought: All right, I have to be there!

Konishi-san then added with a smile that while that wouldn’t directly answer the question, he was keen to emphasize how big his irrepressible will was to participate in this work. “It is for me a very great honorthat I can finally be a part of this project.”

The Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village star would do it even more see it as his job, “to get more fans to watch and get more people to see Demon Slayer, what a great work that is.”

Tengen Uzui’s fight in Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village is breathtaking © Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable

Based on the success of the latest cinema event, the enthusiasm for the dark fantasy adventure seems to be unbroken. As Crunchyroll told us, the German premiere was already there after eleven minutes (!) completely sold out. The title has also been a complete success in Japan: the anime was able to be released in the first ten days over 2 billion yen (~13.8 million euros) import (via ANN).

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You have to wait a long time until the start of the 3rd season of the anime hit no longer have to wait, because this is already happening in Japan from April 9, 2023 be visible. At the beginning there is an extra long episode.

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Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village starts on March 7, 2023 in German cinemas.