Destiny 2’s grumpiest character isn’t dead – you can now let him insult you again

Destiny 2's grumpiest character isn't dead - you can now let him insult you again

In Destiny 2, the gathering darkness is no longer a distant murmur. She stands right outside the door of the Guardians and wants to sell them the paracausal downfall. And as if that weren’t enough, as a keeper you’ll be insulted again by a bad-tempered scientist who should actually be dead. Have you spotted him yet?

What have players discovered in Lightfall? The new expansion reveals more and more of its secrets that could be discovered after the campaign.

  • New collectibles have been discovered in the form of Cloudwalker minifigures
  • Strang revealed his full potential ahead of schedule and is now fun after all
  • In addition, there were several exotic quests

Alongside these obvious tasks, however, well-hidden messages have also been revealed. As players have now been able to decipher, Season 20’s “Inner Track” Sparrow contains a grumpy Morse code. But that’s not all. The important message was also an insult that immediately brought back old memories.

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Secret message leads to Destiny 2’s fiercest NPC

Players decode Morse code: It took a while to discover the message and to decipher the Morse code hidden in it. But the Destiny community cracked the code, and the message ended up revealing the following:

STILL ### ALIVE ### INSIDE ### ### THE ### NET ### IDIOTIC ### KIDS

the decoded morse code in the sparrow was “inside track”

After that insult, long-time Destiny 2 players in particular immediately thought of the grim, ungrateful Vex scholar who dubbed them “Wizard” on IO at the time and should be dead. His name is: Asher Mir.

This Morse code was hidden in the lore of the Sparrow’s “inside track”

Who was Asher Mir and what happened to him? Asher Mir may not have been a hero in Destiny 2, but he was all the more grumpy when dealing with Guardians. And that’s exactly why they thought he was so cool. But when in Season 11 the gloomy pyramid ships first arrived in Destiny 2’s solar system, Asher Mir got it on.

Since then, as now in Lightfall, there was hardly anything to oppose the mysterious power, the planets Mars, Mercury, IO and Titan were evacuated before they were engulfed by darkness. Bungie transferred the content to the player-hated content vault, which locked away beloved content and caused a lot of resentment.

  • Ana Bray, then NPC trader for Mars, was able to escape from the planet in time and save the last remnants of the Warmind Rasputin in an engram.
  • Sloane, Titan’s NPC trader, was less fortunate. Apparently she didn’t survive.
  • Brother Vance, Mercury NPC trader and a crazed follower of Osiris with his own cult, most likely sacrificed himself to his research in the Infinite Forest.
  • Asher-Mir, IO’s NPC vendor with the Vex arm, holed up in the Pyramidion and blew up the entrance. Thus, the Darkness eluded the opportunity to claim vital Vex information for itself.

Since then, these planets have disappeared into darkness and are no longer accessible. Only Mars returned here and there as time dilation.

Destiny2_Asher_Mir_Cover Photo
Asher Mir may return

Offensive Popular: However, players and fans of Asher Mir never gave up hope that the grumpy grandfather might have made it through somehow. And that, although he always only insulted them, while Strikes constantly scolded and told them all how stupid they really are because they didn’t know about Radiolara Lakes.

Was Asher the friendly Vex Harpy? There were first suspicions that Asher Mir might have survived the attack of darkness in season 14. There, the players were observed from afar by a friendly harpy on the last override mission.

Destiny 2 Brings Back Fan-Beloved NPC Thought Dead – Did You Notice?

Asher Mir now lives and exists on the Vex network

Season 20 in Lightfall now brings certainty to players. The old guy actually made it and now exists as a copy of himself on the Vex network.

Players can even see it as they speed through the new Sub-Area: Reboot mission. There he suddenly appears in different places and then disappears again. But you have to take some time and look around carefully, as this clip shows:

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This is where players can meet Asher Mir in Season 20

This is how the player writes BIONICforge Studios on Youtube:

Asher Mir was one of my personal favorite characters when Destiny 2 was released. I still miss the old guy. I couldn’t be happier that he’s still here!

commented on BIONICforge Studios via YouTube

We don’t know yet whether this will be Asher’s only appearance in Year 6 of Lightfall. But the Vex are obviously up to something and Asher is probably one of the few NPCs in the Destiny universe who is most familiar with Vex technology. So it’s not out of the question that his story isn’t actually over and is just beginning.

A whisper is now heard on Neomuna: But that hidden message and the return of Asher Mir apparently wasn’t all that Lightfall kept hidden.

Strange things are starting to happen in the game right now. Whispering messages are everywhere now, echoing in the minds of Neomuna’s denizens as well as the Keepers. If you want to hear the messages, head to Neomuna and equip one of these items:

  • The Exotic Warlock Helm “Nezarek’s Sin”
  • The Legendary Glaive Nezarek’s Whispers

Are you happy that Asher is still alive? Or do you not know the character at all? Of course we also want to know from you whether you have already heard the whispering voices? Write us directly in the comments.

If you are still farming Strange Meditation, here is a short guide and warning for all players with 3 characters:

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