Dinosaur documentary Prehistoric Planet on AppleTV+ is getting a second season

Prehistoric Planet on AppleTV+

The spectacular dinosaur docuseries “Prehistoric Planet” on AppleTV+ goes to the second round! Season one was released on the streaming service last May and thanks to modern CGI technology with pictures of lifelike dinosaurs convince, which appear as if they were filmed in their natural environment.

Sir David Attenborough guides us through the world of dinosaurs again

Apple now has announcedthat on May 22 – so almost exactly a year after the first season – a second season for users of the Streaming offer from AppleTV+ will be available. The natural historian and biologist is once again the narrator in the original version Sir David Attenborough to be heard, whose voice is already known from numerous other nature documentaries.

The new season will be again five episodes include and is created in cooperation with the BBC as well as with the executive producers Mike Gunton and Jon Favreau.

The latter has in the Disney remakes of “The Jungle Book” (2016) and The Lion King (2019) Directed. He is also executive producer and writer of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian and “The Book of Boba Fett”. The companies MPC and Jellyfish Pictures, which are partly responsible for the visual effects and for the concept drawings in these projects, are now again involved in “Prehistoric Planet” in these functions.

One of the new dinosaurs from Prehistoric Planet Season 2 on AppleTV+ ©Apple

Really filmed landscape and nature shots are combined with computer-generated dinosaurs for the series. come at it latest scientific knowledge used to depict the original drawing lizards as realistically as possible. Season one of Prehistoric Planet received multiple awards for its visual effects.

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Season two of Prehistoric Planet features new dinosaurs

In season two, according to Apple new dinosaurs be visible; but also members of species that were already seen in the first five episodes will make an appearance again – for example the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The animals can also be admired in surroundings that have not yet been shown; Season one showed the dinosaurs partly under water and in the desert.

The music for the series comes again, among other things, from the double Oscar-Winner Hans Zimmer. A subscription to AppleTV+ currently costs €6.99 per month, and the first seven days are free. In addition to “Prehistoric Planet” there are also series like Ted Lasso or For All Mankind as well as last year’s Oscar winner “CODA”.