Doors in Sons of the Forest: how to lock out enemies?

Sons of the Forest: Tür

Sons of the Forest captivates with one intuitive building system, which outshines many other survival games. The own house was built quite quickly. But you are not really safe in the sporadic dwelling yet. The simple function of a door because even your enemies understand.

The simplest solution would of course be that Easy to lock front door and thus keep unwanted visitors outside. However, this feature does not currently exist, so a protective wall inevitable is to have peace and quiet on your own plot.

This will protect you from the cannibals and other native opponentswho want to get at you. The only drop of bitterness: The palisade wall is not yet fully developed and currently still has no implemented gate.

Creativity is therefore required at this point so that you can overcome protective wall can – as the only one. We have put together a few variants for you below.

How to get past the rampart in Sons of the Forest?

YouTuber Kibbles Gaming has taken on the topic and created a very simple solution found. In his video, he also explains how, with a little practice, you can create a simple door in your protective wall can install.

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Find out more in the Data protection from YouTube.

It’s just stupid that these let your enemies through too. So the inventor continued to experiment and alternatives come up with, which you can see right here in the video:

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Find out more in the Data protection from YouTube.

Bridge over the rampart explained

This first variant is simple and with a little practice too relatively tightly assembled. First build your protective wall and sharpen the palisades at the top. Then put another trunk at a distance (about a trunk length) behind the palisades.

Set the next tribe to the one just set so that you get a slant. Make sure that these as parallel as possible to the wall runs. Get another trunk and set up the sloping beam.

The last set post should now right in the wall stand. Now remove the other two bars and set them obliquely from both sides on the post you just put in the wall.

So you practically have a very minimalist bridge built, with which you can overcome the wall. However, there is a risk that you will be caught in a heated chase fall down quickly could. It’s safer and more stylish Version with platform and climbing rope.

Does an update bring hoped-for features?

Still in Early Access, Sons of the Forest will continue extensive updates receive. So recently became the missing Patched hotkey feature. Due to the still rather sparse building instructions, we can assume that this will soon be increased and that repertoire of trapsfurniture and the like is expanded.

Since that locking doors is an essential feature and can make the difference between life and death, there is a good chance that this will be rectified quickly. It remains to be hoped that the protective wall with a Update finally gets a goalas we know it from “The Forest”.

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