Fortnite: Leaks indicate first-person mode and cooperation with Attack on Titan

Fortnite: Leaks indicate first-person mode and cooperation with Attack on Titan

There is already speculation about the next Fortnite season and a leaker also claims to have found out a few interesting innovations. The game should get a full first-person mode and enter into a special anime cooperation for the Battle Pass.

What we can expect in Fortnite this month

From all appearances, Fortnite could get a real first-person mode with the next season. At least that’s what Leaker HypeX claims on Twitter. However, he cannot say how the new mode will be introduced either.

Currently, several weapons in Fortnite already offer the first-person perspective, at least as long as you aim them down. So this perspective is not completely foreign to the Battle Royale.

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The second leak from HypeX relates to the Battle Pass. This is said to be filled with content for the anime Attack on Titan, which received the first of two final films in March.

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Included will be an Eren Yaeger skin, an emote, an ax skin, and other cosmetic items. According to HypeX, another skin will be added in the middle of the season. This could be a titan.

It shouldn’t be long before the new content for Fortnite is announced, because the current season ends on March 8, 2023. March 9 would be possible, but a later start is also quite conceivable. Then at the latest it will become clear whether HypeX is right with its leaks.