Game Veterans Podcast #310: Time Travel 3/2023, 2003, 1993 – News

Game Veterans Podcast #310: Time Travel 3/2023, 2003, 1993 - News


Heinrich Lenhardt and Jörg Langer look back 10, 20 and 30 years into the past – or rather they scroll back.

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The later the past, the more veteran the guests: This time we welcome guest stars to our magazine journey through time Winnie Forster, who spent the last working days at Video Games 30 years ago. Numerous CD-ROM formats and Nintendo’s Super FX chip made headlines at the time. The other decades are also tough: 20 years ago GameStar had the purest test thunderstorm and 10 years ago we went on a cave hike à la Ron Gilbert. In the bonus segment for Patreon supporters, there’s a 1993 addition, so we’re also browsing the 30-year-old PC Player. At the beginning of the episode, the game veterans are still in the present, it starts as always with news reports, current game reports and answers to listener questions.

The game veteran podcast episode 10-2023 (#310) with Heinrich Lenhardt, Jörg Langer and guest veteran Winnie Forster has a running time of 1:39:24 hours.

00:00:15 News & small talk

0:33:45 Magazine time travel: February 2013, 2003, 1993

  • 0:35:41 Gamestar 3/2013 and GamersGlobal, among others StarCitizen, dota 2, The Cave and Persona 4 Gold.
  • 0:58:11 GameStar 3/2003, including C&C Generals, Splinter Cell, unreal 2 and The Sims Online.
  • 1:10:45 Video Games 3/1993, including with Tiny Toons Adventures, Defender of Oasis and »cyber media« spirit of optimism.

1:36:59 Credits

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