GTA Online: Still a hit – even the developers are blown away!

The story characters of GTA 5 stand next to each other heavily armed.

The Rockstar Games team is not only celebrating the tenth anniversary of this year GTA 5. Also the multiplayer mode GTA Online will reach this milestone. And you seem to be surprised by that. In an interview with GamesRadar said the design director Scott Butchard about the success: “When we started, we never dreamed that we would still be here in ten years.” said the person in charge. And there is no end in sight.

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Despite the active Development of GTA 6 Rockstar Games will continue to release updates for the popular multiplayer: “There are so many cool ideas and directions we could take. And it’s fantastic to surprise our players and give them something to look forward to.” In recent years, there have always been extensions for GTA Online given that appeared free of charge. Here, too, nothing should change in the future.