Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, an emotional deleted scene is revealed

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, an emotional deleted scene is revealed

The fans of Harry Potter they will be furious about a scene that was cut from the first movie, 2001’s Philosopher’s Stone. It’s no secret to anyone that movies have scenes cut before the final version is released in theaters. In fact, deleted scenes are arguably the best part of the bonus features on any home video release. After all, we take a look at what might have been in a favorite or least favorite scene.

Even the same can be said of the adaptation of novels to the big or small screen. Some novels are too big for some adaptations, and in most cases, sacrifices always have to be made.

As reported by UNILAD (where you can see the video), one of those sacrifices occurs when in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The scene in question would have made Ron Weasley think more of a fool than he already was.

The scene we are talking about takes place when the residents of Hogwarts are preparing to go home for Christmas. Harry Potter is an orphan and his parents were murdered when he was just a baby. In the first Harry Potter novel/movie there is a magical mirror called the Mirror of Erised. Basically, this mirror allows you to see what your heart desires the most.

Feeling very sorry for himself that it is Christmas, Harry visits the Mirror of Erised and sees his parents. Now those of you who have seen the first movie will know that we do, in fact, see this scene. What we don’t see, however, is Ron Weasley comforting his good friend Harry. This scene was cut from the movie, but has now surfaced on the internet.

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The clip sees Harry sitting in the Great Hall feeling sad, until Ron offers to play a game of chess in addition to visiting good old Hagrid. That’s before telling Harry that there’s something not quite right in the Mirror of Erised.

It’s such a shame that this lovely scene was cut from the film. It would have made us even more fond of Ron. However, at least we finally get to see this scene after 20 long years.