Hogwarts Legacy Post-Game: What You Can Do After Playthrough

Hogwarts Legacy: Sebastian betrayed

In Hogwarts legacy You can expect an exciting story full of ancient magic, evil figures, powerful wizards and witches as well as a beautiful, detailed world. But what if you played through the game and the credits flickered across the screen? What can you do in post game still do?

Hogwarts Legacy: What else you can do after playing through the post-game

The enemy is defeated, im Hogwarts Valley calm has returned and the goblins have given up their little revolution. All well and good, but what happens now? The answer: not even that little. Because even if the story maybe at their end is, your adventures in “Hogwarts Legacy” do not have to be over for a long time.

Hogwarts Legacy Post-Game: Complete side activities

You’ve probably already noticed, but to have expressly mentioned it again: In Hogwarts legacy there is a very large number side missions, which can keep you busy for many hours. These secondary quests vary in size and size, but always offer great rewards.

Be it special clothing items, summons for your personal Room of Requirement, or sometimes even optional spellsthat you may not have learned yet. The relationship tasks, in which your adventures with the students* are particularly important poppy, Natty and Sebastian experienced.

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This side missions are not only written much more exciting than most optional excursions, they also reward you much better. Above all, the relationship quest with Sebastian is recommended, because here you get the chance the three unforgivable curses to learn without any consequences.

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Hogwarts Legacy Post-Game: Complete the Collection

The ones just mentioned side activities are also part of your collections, which you have to complete to get more unique rewards to obtain. Be it the trials of Merlin, finding landing platforms or fighting notorious enemies, “Hogwarts Legacy” still has a lot in store for you:

Hogwarts Legacy: Houses Quest
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Hogwarts Legacy Post-Game: Find All Manual Pages

Actually belongs to the point complete collectionbut also deserves its own entry at this point, since it is so unbelievable number of manual pages to be found. And not only in school, but also in the entire high country and of course in the tranquil village of Hogsmeade.

If you reach a certain milestone in one of these three places, you get one small rewardbut who really achieve 100% will be busy for quite a while searching every nook and cranny of the open game world. Or you make it easy for yourself and just use it our guides for the search:

All 7 Revelio manual pages in Hogsmeade Center
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Hogwarts Legacy Post-Game: Reach level 40

Anyone who implements the first two ideas from us will probably create these automatically, because the best possibility in “Hogwarts Legacy” is that maximum level of 40 achieved by pursuing side missions and collecting collectables. There are a reasonable number of both experience pointswhich make you stronger very quickly.

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But also those of you who are not interested in that max level to achieve, maybe want to get a little stronger than it is necessary for the final, because only with level 34 do you have the possibility the real ending in the action role-playing game and find out who won the house cup this school year.

Hogwarts Legacy - The Treasure Vault on the Clagmar Coast: How to solve the puzzle
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Hogwarts Legacy in Post-Game: Depulso Puzzle Rooms

After her the side quest The Hall of Herodiana (Herodias) you can still do it at school two more puzzle rooms find ones that will put your Depulso and Accio skills to the test. Of course, we’ll tell you exactly where you can find these rooms, how to solve their puzzles and what you get for them.

Hogwarts Legacy in Post-Game: Is there a New Game Plus?

It is now possible in almost every role-playing game that you combine your experience points, equipment and other achievements into one New Game Plus can take with you, where you usually have a clear harder challenge expected. So it’s no wonder that many players want this feature for “Hogwarts Legacy” as well.

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you in this regard, the role-playing game in the Harry Potter universe has at release about no such feature and according to the developers, there are no plans to change anything. So if you want to start all over again, you have to do it in the classic way with a completely new save.

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