Hogwarts Legacy: Troll defeat made easy

Hogwarts Legacy: Troll besiegen leicht gemacht

In Hogwarts legacy Various opponents await you, who sometimes make the life of wizards and witches not so easy. That trolls are not the brightest candles on the cake, a player has taken advantage and the monster defeated quickly and effectively.

A fight with a troll is in itself not particularly difficult to get through. A few targeted hits with various magic spells, as well as barrels standing around, quickly hit the opponent. If you then too dodges his counterattacksyou defeated it relatively quickly.

Reddit users TheStormBolt illustrates in a particularly entertaining way how he gets rid of his oversized enemy without suffering much damage yourself. For this he needs nothing more than his own broom and a cliff.

Hogwarts Legacy shows: Trolls cannot fly

The player triggers the river troll first with a basic spell, putting him into attack mode, whereupon the monster promptly charged at him. At that moment, TheStormBolt mounts his broomstick and flies straight towards a cliff.

The short chase ends quite rudely for the river troll. Apparently only his victim in mind, he runs after him and falls down the slope to his doom. Admittedly, the cliff isn’t particularly high, but it’s enough to get around the sluggish colossus without any problems to carry to the afterlife.

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Cowardly move or simply clever?

Now some may think it is cowardly to run away from an enemy. However, we find this move to be particularly resourceful. After all, it is not reprehensible to look at one’s surroundings and those that are kept somewhat simple Enemy AI to take advantage of.

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