Improve brooms in Hogwarts Legacy: All broom race events with locations

Improve brooms in Hogwarts Legacy: All broom race events with locations

In Hogwarts legacy there are many puzzles that have it all. Some are relatively easy and doable in the Action RPG Wizarding World. But those responsible have installed a real puzzle grenade here and there, which then makes our thinking apparatus glow. So what to do? You are welcome to have a look here We love supporting you!

There is, for example 33 demiguise statues, some of which are so well hidden that we keep walking past them. We urgently need them to improve our ability in Pick locks to improve.

And not only that: there is Merlin’s Trials, which increase our inventory, and other side quests. For some gathering tasks it is not immediately obvious where to go or what to do. And that’s one of those jobs Upgrading the broom. Is the? And if so, how?

In this solution we show you the localities of the places where you Start broom race can and what the broom improvements are all about.

Important: This is not to be confused with the Landing platforms that you land on with your broomstick must! Because that’s a different story.

Start Broom Race Events: All locations

The broom races are in highlands found from “Hogwarts Legacy”. In this solution we present you all broom races sorted from north to south.

Why should I do broom races? If you participate in broom races, you can improve your broom. That increases overall 3x the speed and acceleration your broom. So it’s worth it!

The upgrades for the broom are in Hogsmeadenamely in Spintwitches sporting goods. For that you have to Time Fly Challenges, i.e. the broom races, complete. Just fly through the given frames in the best possible time and you’ll end up with the coveted ones broom improvements.

All broom race events on the map in Hogwarts Legacy. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

The first broom race event can be found on the school grounds Hogwarts. Just fly over to Quidditch field and start the first race! And always fly through the rings for a good bang!

At the Quidditch field you will find the 1st broom race event. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

The second broom race event can be found a little further south of Hogwarts. And in the region around Irondale. Ideally you spawn at Flea point: North Swamp on the South Sea and then flies west.

Continue to the 2nd Broom Race Event © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

And that too third broom race event it’s not that hard to find. Just fly to the very south of the highlands: zur Clagmar Coast. For example, you can start at Clagmar Castle and then fly west.

Here you can find the last broom race event. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Requirements for upgrading brooms

Where can I get broom upgrades? All broom upgrades will be at Spintwitches sporting goods in Hogsmeade bought.

What broom improvements are there? There is a whole in Hogwarts Legacy three broom upgradesfor which you have to do a little preparatory work.

Requirements: You can only obtain and improve a broom when you Trial number 1 at Percival Rackham filed and the Mission flight test finished. Then you received your first broom and the seller Albie Weekes is available in Spintwitches Sportbedarf.

How much do broom upgrades cost in Hogwarts Legacy?

The prices for the improvements are very different. So you should have a lot gold have along!

  • Upgrade broom to level 1 after the quest flight test – Prize: 1000 gold
  • Upgrade broom to level 1 after the 2nd broom race event – Price: 3000 gold
  • Upgrade broom to level 3 after the 3rd broom race event – Price: 7500 gold

The broom race events will be held at Imelda Reyes completed, which wants to fly with you to the race.

Keep in mind that here on the routes you always have to go through the yellow rings fly need to get proper boost. If you fly reasonably well, you should be able to do the routes even the first time.

Level 3 broom upgrades. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

In the end, upgrading the broom is actually quite easy in Hogwarts Legacy. But there are a few things to do, and what hurts more are those horrendous prices – Or what do you mean? Mr. Weekes is a real businessman.

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