Intel Arc A7: driver update reduces power consumption in multi-monitor operation

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If more than one monitor is connected to Intel’s “Arc A7” graphics cards, power consumption increases significantly. A driver update provides relief.


Intel graphics cards are eagerly awaited.


Intel has released a new graphics driver that benefits users of multiple monitors on a graphics card with an “Arc A7” GPU. With version 4146, savings in power consumption of 75 percent are reported compared to the predecessor. This value refers to the consumption when idling (idle mode), which comes about in constellations with different resolutions.

How In summary, with a single monitor with WQHD resolution and the old 4091 driver, an A7 GPU consumes just 11 watts in idle mode. If you connected a device with a resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels as the secondary screen, the consumption rose to 38 to 40 watts.

With the new 4146 driver, the additional consumption when using a second screen is only slightly higher at around one additional watt and is significantly more friendly to the electricity bill. However, if three screens are used, the advantages are gone again.

It is a generally observed and normal behavior of graphics chips when several different image signals are to be output. The graphics chip consumes more energy when several screens have to be fed with signals; especially when the signals differ in frame rate and resolution. You can partially avoid this by adjusting the Hertz numbers in particular, if possible. You can find out whether you are affected by additional consumption with our tips on how to measure the power consumption of devices. Tools such as HWInfo find out concrete values ​​for the GPU.

Since their release, Intel’s Arc graphics cards have had to contend with high idle energy consumption – regardless of the number of monitors in use. This prompted the manufacturer last autumn to guides to publish in order to reduce the consumption in idle mode. This requires changes in the BIOS and in the operating system. The new Intel graphics drivers can be downloaded from the official website for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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