iPhone 15: The design should change radically, a new mute button is said to be planned

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from Sarah Petzold
According to current rumors, Apple is planning a significant overhaul of the design of the new iPhone 15 models. Supposedly even the previously untouched mute button is to be rethought.

After specific information about the design of the new iPhone 15 models was recently made public via a leaked render image, there are now new details about the volume button. It hadn’t previously been seen on the leaked designs, but now an anonymous source has confirmed the layout of this particular button to the 9to5Mac editors.

Apple iPhone 15 without a physical toggle switch for the first time?

As a result, Apple is using a capacitive instead of a physical button for the first time. In addition to the volume buttons, there should also be a mute button that also works via haptic feedback. The new buttons are based on the home button, which was first introduced in its current form with the iPhone 7.

The new buttons – including the mute button – no longer work by pressing a physical button, but automatically recognize the pressure that the user exerts on them. This eliminates the corresponding protrusions on the side of the iPhone 15 models, which makes the design appear more of a piece than before. However, it is possible that the new buttons are only used on the Pro versions – physical toggle switches could still be seen on render images of the normal iPhone 15 models.

For the first time, the manufacturer has dispensed with the Lightning port on the iPhone 15 and replaced it with a USB-C connection. This is probably Apple’s response to pressure from the European Union, which has been demanding standardization of the ports on smartphones for a long time. Experts expect Apple to unveil the new iPhone 15 to the public in September 2023.

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Source: 9to5Mac (via Notebook check)