LoL unveils new champion Milio – Leak shows how strong the support is becoming

LoL unveils new champion Milio - Leak shows how strong the support is becoming

League of Legends releases new champions on a regular basis. Now they have introduced the new character: Milio, the protective flame, is planned as an enchanter for the support role.

What makes him unique? There are currently several male supports among the more than 160 champions. However, Milio is characterized by being considered an “Enchanter”. So far, this has only been reserved for female champions.

The protective flame is a character from the region of Ixtal. The region also includes other elementalists, such as Qiyana or Neeko. While Qiyana gets different effects due to various elements, Neeko can disguise and transform. A bug even led to Neeko being able to become a tower.

Milio masters the magic of flames and he calls his little fire companions “Fuemigos”. He uses it both to heal and to deal damage.

Design ideas and the musical theme have already been published by Milio:

Milio, the protective flame – Champion theme

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What can the supporter do? Intended as an enchanter, the character supports his lane partners in many different situations.

In the leak video (via YouTube) introduces the champion’s skills. With his Q ability, Milio can stun the enemy champions. If it does not hit a character directly, it will only be slowed down.

With his W ability, he can attach his Fuemigo to an ally. It then follows the champion and boosts their attacks and range. Affected allies get a marker over their character.

The E ability is a shield that can already be seen in the League of Legends trailer video. Milio and an ally both gain a shield.

Also, the ultimate ability brings many opportunities for support. Allows Milio to free champions hit by crowd control effects. In addition, his allies are healed. The video shows the support freeing Caitlyn from Urgot’s ultimate ability. So far this has not been possible.

We can’t say anything about his passive ability yet, as there isn’t enough information about it in the leaked video.

What’s next? Riot Games is open Twitter the story of Milio started. His diary entries are shared there. The character is on a journey to make his family proud.

On the League of Legends channel (via YouTube) the champion music has been released so far and we can expect more news from Milio.

The League of Legends social media pages will continue to share Milio’s journey until he arrives on Summoner’s Rift.

How do you feel about the new character from Ixtal? Tell us in the comments.

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