Lootbox verdict: Sony has to pay for “illegal gambling”.

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from Matthias Brueckle
Loot boxes have been a topic in the British gaming industry for years. Because the mechanics of random rewards that you get for real money is a thorn in the side of many. Now there has been an important judgment in Austria – Sony should reimburse Lootbox costs.

Anyone who hasn’t heard of loot boxes is missing out on one of the big issues in the gaming industry. After all, there have been discussions about random real money rewards for years. Belgium has long defined these mechanics as gambling and thus banned them in video games. The “packs” from FIFA in particular are repeatedly the target of these allegations, a Dutch court also classified them as illegal gambling in 2020. Now the “impacts” are getting closer – an Austrian court has ruled against console manufacturer Sony: The company should reimburse money that a 17-year-old player had spent on loot boxes in FIFA.