Millionaire thanks to LOTTO 6aus49

Millionaire thanks to LOTTO 6aus49

A player from North Rhine-Westphalia became a double millionaire in prize class 2. There were three other NRW big winners in the additional lottery SUPER 6.

Millionaire with six right numbers

A lottery player from the Rhein-Kreis Neuss could have an accelerated pulse when he compares his lottery ticket with the lottery numbers from last Saturday’s draw, March 4th. With the winning numbers 1, 7, 8, 21, 45 and 48, he got six correct numbers, only the matching super number 0 was missing for the hitherto unknown lucky guy. But he will certainly be able to get over that, as he and a player from Baden-Württemberg are the only players nationwide who have come second in LOTTO 6aus49. The two new millionaires can now look forward to EUR 2,130,847.80 each.

For a stake of 61.25 euros, the lucky winner from North Rhine-Westphalia can take part in the LOTTO 6aus49 and Spiel 77 draws with his picks every Saturday for five weeks. He had already submitted his game order to a WestLotto acceptance point in Rhein-Kreis Neuss on February 23. Further payouts can therefore be added in the coming draws until the last participation in the tip on March 25th.

Win at SUPER 6

On Saturday, three more players from NRW also won the SUPER 6 additional lottery. The additional cross on the lottery ticket earned players in the Mülheim area, the Rhein-Erft district and the Aachen city region 100,000 euros each.


For the upcoming drawing on Wednesday, March 8th, the jackpot at LOTTO 6aus49 is around 23 million euros. If you want to try your luck, you can place your bets in all WestLotto acceptance points and at hand over.

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